Affects of Water Level

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 04/20/2016

Water Level affects

When you're on the water fishing several days a week you get to experience many of the natural elements that affect the fishing; none so important as the water level of the impoundment your fishing. Many things affect the water level, of course the most natural is the rain and in the spring time we get a lot of it; having a 2 to 6 inch rain fall in North Alabama can be a weekly occurrence in the winter and spring making adjusting to it daily, as your fishing a major factor.

The big reservoirs like Guntersville and others are constantly adjusting the water level in the spring for many reasons, the most obvious of course is flood control caused by large amounts of rain. Some secondary reasoning is also a part of the water level control; meaning power generation, winter and or summer recreational pool levels and more all cause some change in water level. This change moves the fish constantly; what you experience one day as to fish location may be completely different the next. Your job is to know how to adjust your targeted areas.

Generally speaking the fish move up to shallow locations in high water periods and then move to the deeper locations during the low periods of water levels as they adjust you're impoundment. This constant change is what confuses many anglers and knowing and understanding how and when to make the adjustment is a big part of having a successful day. I have seen times when the bass are in just inches of water during high water periods; this type of adjustment can be atypical especially in the winter when the fish should be in deeper water. Knowing when to make such a drastic change based on high water is not natural so it can be key to finding fish. Successful bass fishing depends on many things this is just one of them.

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