Fish Slow

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 04/24/2016

Fish Slow you will reap the Rewards

As we move into some transition time of year, there are fish in all phases of the water column; they are shallow, transition depths and deep.  The problem becomes which ones do you target and what type of presentation works while they move into and out of these stages of depths.

There is one common thread that will help you produce bites, that being to slow down your baits and let the fish see them and react to the bait; if you fish to fast the bait will be by the fish before they react. With bass in all phases of seasonal change from spawning fish to post spawn the bass are lethargic, they are either wore out from the spawning process or just moving into the spawn and they will react slowly until they complete their transition. As an angler you must recognize that their bodies are tired and need to heal or they are just starting to move into the spawn making a slow presentation the only way to find consistent bites.

It really doesn't matter what bait your fishing you can slow down any presentation, it's easy to drag a worm, slowly crank any crank bait or slow roll a spinner bait they all will slow down and give you a better chance to catch a fish. One of the best presentations this time of year is a Carolina rig; you can easily drag it on the bottom and move it with precision around stumps, road beds and more. One of the most tantalizing presentations fishing  crank baits is when it rises up, it is nearly irresistible and when you stop a crank bait they slowly rise giving you a great slow presentation. I also find that big bladed spinner baits, slowly kicking up dirt and making noise around stumps can be as deadly as any bait you can fish with; this slow presentation is dynamic and catches big fish it is one of the best slow moving baits ever made.

Slow down, be precise let your baits do the work and this in-between time of year will offer you some great catches.

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