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Tuna fishing Frequently Asked Venice Tuna Fishing Charter Questions by Chandler Cataldie (08/11/2017)
Here are some of the most common questions and answers for booking Venice Tuna Charters with us.
It\'s not hard to recognize happy anglers! Playa del Carmen? by Rico Wasabi (07/16/2012)
Recently transformed from a sleepy fishing village to a 5 star resort area. Playa del Carmen also sports some of the best deep sea fishing in the world.
Bull Dorado Dorado Tactics by Mike Laubscher (09/15/2011)
Dorado Tactics - An artical covering lures and methods used when heading offshore to target Dorado aka Mahi-mahi
CHANCE OF A LIFE TIME by John Kipp (09/09/2011)
Fishing with your eyes shut by Mike Laubscher (08/23/2011)
An article on how to read the water when heading off shore
Giant bluefin tuna do not care how big your boat is. Giant Tuna Fishing from a Small Boat by Ryan Collins (06/22/2011)
Cape Cod\'s giant bluefin tuna can be caught by weekend warriors fishing from small boats. The right gear and game plan is all that is needed for a chance to hookup with a true giant.
Giant bluefins like this 673 pounder have once again invaded Massachusetts Bay. The Bluefins are Back by Ryan Collins (06/12/2011)
Tuna fishing in our region is kicking back into gear as school and giant bluefins return to the waters off Plymouth. Right now is a phenomenal time to be a Plymouth fishermen.
Giant bluefins, like this 673 pound specimen, are more than likely already feeding in Cape Cod Bay and at Stellwagen Bank. Tuna Time by Ryan Collins (05/31/2011)
June is prime time for big tuna in the waters surrounding Cape Cod. The first tuna of the year should be caught sometime over the next few days.
You’ve got a Hook Up……… What Now by Mike Laubscher (04/11/2011)
What to do when the reel growls.............
Yellowfin Tuna Summer 2011 Venice Louisiana: by Michael Gray (04/11/2011)
Offshore Blue Water fishing in Venice Louisiana is off the chain !! Limits of Yellow fin tuna are being caught by Noon. Wahoo fishing remains solid and Blue Marlin are now being caught.
Pro Rig for Big Game Rigging up for Trolling – Part 2 by Mike Laubscher (11/23/2010)
Here are some tips to rigging up your lures and tackle and where to place the lures in your spread.
Quepos Sailfishing Charters A Day Of Offshore Fishing in Quepos Costa Rica with Quepos Sailfishing Charters by Leanne Batten (10/22/2010)
Quepos Fishing is truly a Spectacular experience with the very informed and talented crews of Quepos Sailfishing Charters. Join them for a Day out on the water for the Catch of a Lifetime!
250 # Hammerhead How To Catch Big Game Sharks In Fort Lauderdale by Mike Johnson (05/06/2010)
With the drop off less than two mikes from Fort Lauderdale's coast, huge migratory game sharks invade Springtime and early Summer waters.
Shark fishing is easy - just be safe about it by Rich Antonino (01/14/2010)
How to set up a chum slick. How to set the hook and battle sharks. Advice and tips from Black Rose Fishing Charters, Green Harbor, MA.
How to fight a big bluefin tuna on spinning gear by Rich Antonino (01/14/2010)
Avoid these pitfalls when fighting a fish. Expect the following to happen. What the captain has to do. 200 pound fish fight like mad! Sanibel Island Tarpon Fishing by Greg Hood (01/14/2010)
Sanibel, Captiva Island Tarpon Fishing Come live outdoors with me!
A record Sailfish to remember by Mike Laubscher (08/13/2009)
June 16th 2008 was a lovely Durban winters morning, it was warm, the sun was shining, the skies were clear and the wind was a mere breeze. The seas were flat and the water crystal clear.
Removing the head Dressing and Handling of Medium and Large Blue Fin Tuna by Collin MacKenzie (01/11/2009)
A great description of how to best handle and dress your Bluefin Tuna. To ensure you get the best quality tuna steaks possible.
Nice Size Wahoo with Workingman Charters-Capt.Bill Wahoo the speeding Bullet by Lynn Curry (11/29/2008)
When Wahoo hits your lure at 60 miles an hour and runs your 30 lb test line for a few spurts of 100 to 150 yards, you have discovered an allure that no other fish will give you.
A monster Sailfish caught by the crew of Smokin EM Book NOW for the Winter Sailfish BITE! by Gil Coombes (11/05/2008)
Now is the time for those who enjoy the thrill of fishing to book for some of the best fishing that South Florida has to offer. With winter coming upon us, some of the BEST fishing is just starting to begin here in S. Florida.
Support The Total Ban of Killing Billfish by Kevin Styles (10/27/2008)
According to a study by the Univ of Miami, and recent articles published in Costa Rica : "Between 2000 and 2006, the average sailfish haul in national tournaments dipped from roughly eight fish to one
Black malrin in Fiji Black Marlin - New Fishery ? by Adrian Watt (10/14/2008)
Some time ago, Bite Me Gamefishing was contacted by Peter Mumford, a regular Australian East coast black marlin fisherman who was looking for a week away with the family, but just as importantly, the chance to explore new waters in search of his favourite species, the black marlin. Peter had landed a number of huge fish (including granders) on the world famous black marlin fishing grounds of Queensland Australia and was looking to find a new fishery.
21 stripes in one day on Broadbill PT STEPHENS AUSTRALIAS BEST KEPT SECRET by Ross Hunter (09/28/2008)
It's getting close to that time when both our boats migrate north for three months. Pt Stephens is one of the most exciting striped marlin grounds in the world. Fish from 140 to 300 lb are caught on a regular basis on fly, light tackle and conventional tackle. Add to this blacks and blues and A grand Slam is always on the cards
The Fishing Capital of Costa Rica -Los Suenos Los Suenos Costa Rica Fishing Packages - Booking Early for 2009 by Josh Foster (09/13/2008)
Booking your Stay in Costa Rica and Los Suenos Fishing Vacation early is a very smart move!
dorado season just starting Mazatlan, Mexico Sportfishing by Javier Pena (04/18/2008)
professional Captains for inshore and offshore fishing in Mazatlan, Mexico area, fish for marlin, sailfish, dorado, tuna, dorado, swordfish, sharks and much more!
Now we'll pull it on board Giant tiger sharks from 18 foot boats by Ross Hunter (12/26/2007)
It's Crocodile Dundee down under all over again. These guys go out and target these giants everty weekend and whats more pull them onboard with them. Mad yes!
Tuna - Under The Cover Of Darkness by Scott Avanzino (08/31/2007)
Tuna fisherman the world over know that night time can be the right time, and those that have experienced night fishing around the Gulf's deepwater platforms might argue that it's the best time. It allows all anglers the opportunity to even the score for all their wasted attempts during day trips.
Pacific sailfish on Bite Me, Kadavu, Fiji Sailfish - Tag and Release Properly Is The Way To Go by Adrian Watt (08/30/2007)
The Billfish Foundation (TBF) has done a lot to promote billfish conservation and has been instrumental in shifting past catch-and-kill practises to Tag & Release in most parts of the world. We fully support TBF and Tag & release all billfish from our game boats, the only exceptions being a fish that is clearly a National or World record.
They flew high all day Pt Stephens NSW One of the greatest striped marlin grounds by Ross Hunter (08/30/2007)
A captain's dream when Broadbill caught 21 stripes in one day. The fish averaged 180 lb and the fishing was wild
The Bowman\'s first Sailfish. Caught on a live Ballyhoo. Sailfish Fishing South Florida by Cary Hanna (08/25/2007)
Did you know that the Atlantic Sailfish can reach surging speeds of up to 50 miles per hour? They are also known to be very acrobatic when they are hooked up to your fishing line. As with most fish, when they feel the pressure from the rod and reel they attempt to throw the hook immediately