The Fishing Explosion

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 05/18/2016

The Fishing Explosion

I know most folks are well aware of the increase in the number of fishermen on the water; the numbers of people fishing has really exploded in the last couple of years is really an understatement! The thing about it is; the expansion of the fishing industry is just starting as there is plenty more to come. Yes, don't get fooled by today's numbers as we have yet to see what is really ahead.

The change ahead is just now starting to show, as the introduction of high school fishing teams is just in the start-up phase and there is plenty more to come. Only about 5% of today's high schools are engaged in competitive fishing with that number expected to double every 3 years this will really show big increases on the water over the next 10 years. Today's high school tournaments have an average of 250 boats in them now and that number appears to quickly increasing every time a high school tournament has an event. You couple the high-school events with the normal tournament traffic on today's lakes and you have a bonanza of events increasing substantially every year.

I remember when hunting took on this rapid rate of new participants, but with the amount of huntable property for ever decreasing most families is turning to fishing as the family sport of choice. Couple that change from hunting to fishing and families with more disposable income than ever, more and more families are engaging in boat related sports with fishing being at the top of the things to do. We all want our children to have what we didn't and add that desire to please, to the pressure of high school young adults wanting to participate in tournaments the expansion is massive; and we are just at the beginning.

Mark my words the increase in fishermen is just starting, this industry will double in value through fishing related sales over and over and we will deal with more crowded ramps, lakes and ponds like never before; get ready!

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