The Power of the Wind

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 02/22/2016

The Power of the Wind

Every season as we get deeper into the winter or early spring bite we all have to learn to deal with the wind. Your chances of getting on the water during this period and not contending with some wind is very low; you must learn to deal with it or your day will be very frustrating and you will go home missing fish.

The wind actually has some hidden powers that can enhance your day on the water if you just change your attitude and believe the wind can actually help you. The key is to be aware of what the wind does to help you. One of the first things you will learn is that the wind creates current and because of that it helps position the fish into the current. This alone allows you to position your boat around structure whether visible or not. If you know the structure is on the bottom you can easily position yourself to drift your bait in front of the structure and feel assured that the bass are positioned where you are fishing and dropping bait into their face can be great benefit to getting bit. Many times the bass will position into the current yet behind the structure; this allows your bait to move around the structure to where the bass are sitting.

It is also true that the wind helps bunch up the bait and push the bait to the corners or edges or into grass hence bringing the bass to follow the bait and bunch up allowing you to make several casts into the same spot and continue to catch fish.  Bass follow the bait most of the day and if the bait is bunched up so are the bass; find the bait you find the fish. It is also true that wind acts very much like current, creating water movement around edges, corners, visible structure; these cuts or turns in the water current always hold fish and as I described the bass will position into the wind so fish them and make sure you work these directional changes thoroughly and you will find the bass.

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