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2014-03-12 18:41:55
Guntersville Lake, Alabama - Freshwater Fishing Report
Mid Lake
Curtis Staley

Fishing the past week has been up and down. Hitting several places but hitting each spot a few times through out the day is key for us. Sometimes they bite the first time and sometimes it's the second time. You just never know when it will happen. Some places you can just sit on and you will catch them scattered through the day but at some point you will have magic hour and might catch 10 or so really quick. We are catching fish both shallow and deep. We have caught fish in a foot of water and we have caught fish from 20 feet of water. This warm weather we had in here really had the fish pulling up but with the front that moved in today and all the wind we have there is no telling what will happen out there tomorrow. We about got blown off the boat deck several times today and around noon we had to put it on the trailer. The lake is going to really muddy up with this mess blowing through but it should settle down in a few days.

Traps and a-rigs are working best. The crankbait bite has all but died for me but I still have it out because I believe they will pick back up on it. Plastics are also catching some fish along with a jig.

I have the 19th , 20th,24th, 26th 28th and 30th of this month open as of now if anyone wants a trip. I have several days in April still available since I had a late start this year.

Good luck out there.

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