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Company: Silversides Fishing Adventures

Area Reporting: Vancouver and Fraser River valley

Bio: Silversides Fishing Adventures(since 1996). Our fishing guide service provides reliability and professionalism. We takes great pride in our abilities and passion for true sport fishing, while offering our guests friendly professional service whether its a half day trip or one of our custom BC fishing packages on the Fraser river! Silversides guides for all 5 pacific salmon and monster Sturgeon on the famous Fraser river and it\'s many tributaries. Our guided fly fishing trips for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead are recognized as the premier fly guide service in our area. Jet boat charters or walk and wade. Located in Mission and Vancouver. We know guiding and fishing - you can fish with confidence!

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Great Steelhead Fishing in Vancouver BC (3/10/2011)
[Vancouver,BC] Best Steelhead fishing I have seen in almost 10 years! Ideal river conditions plus a huge return of Steelhead equals 'fish on'
Vancouver Freshwater Fishing report (2/24/2011)
[Vancouver,BC] This has been the best Steelhead fishing I have seen in many years! Conditions are ideal.
Vancouver BC Steelhead Fishing report (2/17/2011)
[Vancouver,BC] Hey Anglers! there's lots of good news this winter for our Steelhead run, we've been getting good numbers of fish!
Vancouver BC Steelhead fishing (1/17/2011)
[Vancouver,BC] Very good numbers of Steelhead are entering our local rivers right now! Another year with good size fish and good fishing!
Fraser river fishing is Excellent in BC (9/07/2010)
[Fraser Valley,BC] A huge Sockeye salmon return means great salmon fishing on the Fraser river for sport fishers! Sturgeon are biting very well too!
Hot fishing around Vancouver and great weather! (7/07/2010)
[Vancouver,BC] Guided Sturgeon Fishing Trips on the Fraser river are producing some very nice fish!! Experience world-class sportfishing just 45 minutes from Vancouver! Trout fly fishing is good too! Our success rate this season is 100% so far.
Chinook Salmon guided fishing near Vancouver BC (6/19/2010)
[Fraser Valley,BC] The Fraser river opens for Salmon fishing on July 16, 2010, with Chinook salmon available all summer and well into September.
Great Sturgeon Fishing near Vancouver BC! (6/19/2010)
[Fraser Valley,BC] The Fraser river is looking good and the fish are biting very well! June has been a good month for us and July is a great month for producing really BIG fish!
Great Sturgeon fishing all summer (6/12/2010)
[Fraser Valley,BC] The Fraser river Sturgeon fishing is great this season with Huge fish already being caught!
Sturgeon Fishing on Fraser river Canada is GOOD! (5/31/2010)
[Vancouver,BC] Guided Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser river near Vancouver BC Canada is doing great! Our last trip produced 2 nice Sturgeon, the first a feisty 5.5 foot(80lb), the 2nd fish was 7 foot(200 lb)!
Sturgeon Fishing is GOOD! (5/25/2010)
[Fraser Valley,BC] World class Big Game fishing for Fraser river Sturgeon! Sundays 1/2 day trip yielded a beauty!
Vancouver area Fly Fishing is great!! (5/20/2010)
[Vancouver,BC] What a great week for Trout on the fly! we've been nailing some great fish and the conditions are ideal!
Good flyfishing for Bull Trout (5/18/2010)
[Vancouver,BC] Hey anglers! we had some great fly fishing over the past few days for big Bull trout on local rivers! and we are starting our famous Sturgeon fishing too!
Huge Fish near Vancouver BC (5/13/2010)
[Vancouver,BC] warm weather and biting fish! love it! The river is looking good this year
Fly Fishing around Vancouver BC for Trout and Steelhead (3/23/2010)
[Vancouver,BC] Conditions are ideal at this time of year for Big Trout and Steelhead!
Good early springtime fishing (3/11/2010)
[Vancouver,BC] Steelhead and Trout fishing report for Vancouver BC
Winter Steelhead fishing (3/05/2010)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Winter run Steelhead around until late April on Chilliwack river.
Fishing in Vancouver 2010 for Steelhead (2/12/2010)
[Vancouver,BC] Local rivers have Steelhead in them right now and through to April
Vancouver 2010 Steelhead fishing (12/28/2009)
[Vancouver,BC] It looks like the visitors who come for the 2010 Games this winter can expect some good Steelhead fishing too!
Fraser River Huge Sturgeon (11/12/2009)
[Fraser Valley,BC] The Fraser River has Huge Sturgeon this year!
Great Fraser river fishing for Sturgeon and Salmon (10/30/2009)
[Fraser Valley,BC] River fishing in the Vancouver area is nothing short of spectacular lately with tons of Salmon and Sturgeon too- I hope you will join us for some great guided fishing!
Vancouver Canada fishing report for Salmon and huge Sturgeon (10/21/2009)
[Vancouver,BC] Lots and lots of Chum salmon, some Coho's and lots of Sturgeon! October and November is great fishing!
Unbelievable fishing! (9/20/2009)
[Fraser Valley,BC] The Fraser river is clogged with Salmon and huge powerful Sturgeon! Best fishing in years!...
Stunning Fraser river Fishing this Autumn! (9/14/2009)
[Fraser Valley,BC] 18 million Pink salmon and Huge hungry Sturgeon equals HOT Fishin !!!
Very Good fishing for King Salmon and Monster Sturgeon! (8/17/2009)
[Vancouver,BC] What a busy 2 weeks with so many gorgeous fish taken! We just wrapped up guiding 'Kings of Leon' twice this week and sent them home very happy! Our other guests experienced the same great fishing too!
Vancouver BC and Fraser river valley fishing report (7/24/2009)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Wow! great Sturgeon fishing for monster fish and good King salmon fishing...
Fishing near Vancouver BC- Fraser river (7/13/2009)
[Vancouver,BC] Salmon and Sturgeon fishing report-- Sturgeon fishing is great! and the Salmon are going to fill up the river shortly for the entire summer and fall!!
Fraser river Sturgeon and Salmon fishing (7/07/2009)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Great Sturgeon fishing for 100 lb+ fish, and the King salmon are starting!
Sturgeon and Trout fishing report for Vancouver BC (4/20/2009)
[Vancouver,BC] The Fraser river is producing Sturgeon now. There is some very good Trout fishing now for Bull trout and Rainbow trout fishing will...
Vancouver and Fraser river valley fishing report (3/26/2009)
[Vancouver,BC] Steelhead fishing is going good, Sturgeon fishing on Fraser river starts April 1st for us. Our salmon return this season looks great!!
Vancouver Steelhead fishing guided trips (2/15/2009)
[Vancouver,BC] Vancouver fishing for Steelhead on local rivers is very good in Feb and March. Recent trips have produced great results for steelhead up to 18 lbs!
Steelheading is very good! (1/18/2009)
[Vancouver,BC] Lots of Chrome fresh Steelhead entering the rivers!
Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing (5/27/2008)
[Vancouver,BC] The Fraser is just starting to drop after a big freshet last week. Fishing will be decent over the next few weeks and by mid July gets very good!
Vancouver area river fishing (4/20/2008)
[Vancouver,BC] Springtime is late this year but fish still need to be in the rivers and we still fool them with our imitations. Plenty of good fishing options on local rivers within 1 hour of downtown Vancouver for Steelhead and Trout.
Fraser River BC report by Silversides Fishing (8/09/2007)
[Fraser Valley,BC] Great fishing for White Sturgeon to 400 lbs and more on the Fraser river which will continue until November. Salmon fishing is decent and will improve a lot over the next few weeks right into November.
Fly fishing around Vancouver, BC (6/11/2007)
[Vancouver,BC] Very good fly fishing for Rainbow trout on interior lakes northeast of Vancouver, BC.
Fraser river Sturgeon fishing (5/14/2007)
[Vancouver,BC] Sturgeon fishing has been very good over the last few weeks for fish up to 8 feet long or 300 lbs.
Steelhead fishing near Vancouver (3/13/2007)
[Vancouver,BC] Fishing for Steelhead is getting going for March-April.
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