Fishing Reports by Captain Curtis Staley

About The Author:

Company: Curt Staley's Pro Guide Service

Area Reporting: Lake Guntersville ,AL

Bio: Professional guide and tournament angler and owner of Curt Staley's Pro Guide Service on beautiful Lake Guntersville in northeast Alabama.

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big fish are bitting (6/16/2012)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] One day we really catch the big ones and the next is a grind.
6/26/2011 (6/26/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Big Fish are biting. Large schools are active.
The big fish are on. (6/19/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The fish are deep and the big schools are out there. There is some of the best fishing going on that I have seen all year.
The big schools are on. (6/14/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Hot weather and hot action. The big schools are on and you can catch about every type of fish right now.
The deep bite is on. (6/04/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fish have moved to the ledges and current is key right now.
Better fish are starting to show up (5/12/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fish are on the move and the big ones will be on the ledges soon.
shad spawn is getting close and there are a few fish still to spawn (5/08/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] shad are moving in along with the brim to spawn and the last round of bass are spawning also.
Despite the storms the fish are still bitting. (5/05/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Most of the fish have spawned and are feeding up but there are still alot that need to spawn.
Fish are up in the warmer water areas (3/23/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] There are alot of fish up but the big groups haven't shown yet as expected.
the fish are coming up fast. (3/18/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the full moon will light things on fire. The water temp is right and the spwan will be early this year.
The lake has turned to mud with all the rain. (3/09/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The fish are still biting even with the floods that have moved in.
Yesterday was the day to be on the water. (3/05/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Bite was strong yesterday with the front moving in and things where a little tougher today.
Fish are moving up everyday (3/02/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] fished a half day and got bit almost every where we stopped.
Big fish are starting to show up (2/25/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fish are starting to turn on and if it stays warm the lake should be on fire in the next few weeks.
Back on the water (2/17/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] This warm weather should start to light things on fire.
the frog bite is on. (8/16/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fast action and all on top water with frogs.
Bite is slow but the big ones are there. (7/27/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Last few days has been good and getting better.
Bite has really slowed down (7/25/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The heat has the fishing slowed down but the big ones are still bitting.
Fish are schooling and the bite is hot. (6/21/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The last few days have been awsome. Numbers are high and the big ones come in the mix.
Fish are on the prowl. (6/17/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Love it when it's hot hot. Not as many people out .
big bites for hot weather (6/15/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Afternoon was good and I caught fish on several different baits.
[Guntersville Lake,AL] 4 hour trip with an old friend who was in town visiting.
The Bite Is On (5/26/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The bite is strong and fish are schooled up.
The Bass Bite Is Good and Getting Better! (5/18/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing has been good and getting even better
Found the mother load (5/05/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Best day of fishing I have had all year.
Found The Bigger Fish (5/02/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fished new areas and found bigger fish bitting.
Fishing report (5/02/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The week has been good for numbers but the big fish are few and far between.
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