Fishing Reports by Captain Kyle Messier

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Company: Red Hot Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: Crystal River and Homosassa

Bio: Capt. Kyle Messier is a full-time professional fishing guide with over 15 years experience fishing the inshore and offshore waters of Florida. Capt. Kyle's home waters off the world famous Crystal River and Homosassa area produce a number of speices including Redfish, Speckled Trout, Tripltail, Shark, Black Drum, and Largemouth Bass. Inshore light tackle fishing is his specialty, but as long as an area is wet he can figure out a way to catch fish in it.

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WHAT WINTER? Florida Fishing on Fire!! (1/30/2013)
[Homosassa,FL] Nature Coast Fishing Action on Fire!! Mixed bag action
Skinny Water Redfish and Sheepshead Action! (1/01/2013)
[Homosassa,FL] Awesome Skinny water Redfish and Sheepshead action along the Nature Coast.
True old Florida Fishing Action! (12/09/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great Fishing Action up and down the Nature Coast
The Beauty of the Nature Coast! (11/25/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great inshore fishing action along the Nature Coast.
Nature Coast Fishing Action (10/26/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great fishing action along the Nature Coast. Sight fishermens dream.
Crystal River Fishing Action (10/07/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] When everything goes right Crystal River is one of the premier fishing destinations on Florida.
Surprises of September!! (9/03/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Tons of opportunitiys along the Nature Coast. Including a few exotics you never can count on.
Crystal River Fishing and Scalloping (8/03/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great Fishing and Scalloping Action along the Nature Coast.
Redfish and Scalloping Action (7/08/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great Redfish and Scallop action along the Nature Coast of Florida.
Crystal River & Homosassa Action (6/03/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great Fishing Action along the Nature Coast of Florida.
Crystal River and Homosassa Fishing Action!! (5/16/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great inshore light tackle fishing along the Nature Coast!!
Florida Fishing Adventures (4/15/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great Nature Coast Action! Redfish, Black Drum and Sharks are whats biting.
Crystal River & Homosassa Action (3/18/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great Redfish Action along the Nature Coast.
Florida Fishing Adventures (2/27/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great fishing along the Nature Coast of Florida with Florida Fishing Adventures.
Epic Nature Coast Action!! (2/12/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Awesome light tackle fishing for Redfish, Sheepshead and Giant Black Drum off Crystal River and Homosassa, FL.
Florida Fishing Adventures!! (1/18/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Florida Fishing Adventures is experiencing some World Class Black Drum and Redfish action off of Crystal River and Homosassa.
Red Hot Crystal River Fishing Action (1/03/2012)
[Homosassa,FL] Great inshore fishing action along the Nature Coast of Florida.
Florida Fishing Report (12/08/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Awesome Fishing along the Nature Coast with Capt. Kyle Messier.
Awesome Nature Coast Fishing Action (11/13/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Awesome fishing action up and down the Nature Coast. Crystal River and Homosassa loaded with opportunities.
Tailing Redfish and Sheepshead (10/19/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Awesome action off Crystal River, FL. Great Redfish and Sheepshead sight fishing.
Crystal River Bonita on Fire!! (10/01/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Fishing action in Crystal River and Homosassa are on fire. Bonita, Macks, and Flounder main targets.
Summer Slam!! (9/08/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Great fishing action along the Nature Coast.
Crystal River and Homosassa Fishing Action!! (8/10/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Great fishing and scalloping action up and down the Nature Coast. Tripletail, Grouper, Redfish, and Flounder are just a few of the species.
Redfish, Flounder and Scallops for Dinner!! (7/17/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Great Redfish and Flounder Action along the Nature Coast. Combine that with the opening of Scallop Season and a great dinner if what's in store.
Reds, Blues and Poons. Life is Good!! (6/18/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] The Redfish, Bluefish, and Tarpon action has been fast and furious. Scallop season opens on June 25th.
Monsters of May!!!! (5/15/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Great Redfish, Cobia, Tarpon and Tripletail action. Come and visit the Nature Coast for a World Class angling experience.
Variety of angling opportunities out of Crystal River, FL!!! (4/24/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Bass, Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Sharks all in the same day. This sounds like one heck of a fishing trip to me.
Tailing Redfish Time of Year!!!! (3/24/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] March and April are the premier months when targeting tailing Redfish along the Nature Coast. Crystal River, FL offers world class opportunities for tailing Redfish.
Huge Black Drum off Crystal River (2/13/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Huge Black Drum are beginning to congregate off Crystal River. Sheephead fishing is still on FIRE!!!
Great January Fishing Action!!! (1/19/2011)
[Homosassa,FL] Although cooler weather has sent in across much of the country the Nature Coast is still providing anglers with tons of great action. Redfish, Sheephead and Black Drum are tops on the list.
Crystal River Fishing Action (12/15/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] Clear water and Great Fishing makes the Nature Coast of Florida the perfect angling destination. Spin, Plug and Fly options are endless with some of the best shallow water found anywhere in the state occurng right now!!
Awesome Crystal River Redfishing!!! (11/21/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] With the weather colling and the fishing heating up now is the time to book your next Red Hot Fishing Adventure!
New Boat = Great Fishing!!! (10/23/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] Great fishing action is happening in Crystal River, FL. Beautiful weather and great fishing make for an excellent angling getaway!!!
Crystal River, FL Fishing Report (9/22/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] Great fishing action along the Nature Coast. Crystal River and Homosassa bite loaded with Redfish and Trout!!!
Inshore Fishing Excitement!!! (8/19/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] Crystal River and Homosassa are home to some great fishing in September and October. Giant Reds and fast fighting Bonita are what anglers are looking forward to these days.
Tails and Teeth off Crystal River, FL!!!!! (7/13/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] Redfish, Sharks and Scallops plentiful off of Crystal River, FL.
Redfish, Tripletail, Cobia and Grouper Action!!!! (6/16/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] The Redfish, Tripletail, Grouper and Cobia Action is on Fire in Crystal River and Homosassa. If interested in some rod bending action give Red Hot Fishing Charters a call today!!!
Surprises of Saltwater Fishing in Crystal River!! (5/17/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] The surprises of saltwater fishing is what drives anglers to the sport. When fishing the famous waters of Florida anglers must expect the unexpected.
Crystal River Fishing Heating Up!!!!! (4/09/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] The fishing in Crystal River is starting to heat up right along with the temps. Reds, Trout and Tarpon are invading the area and the next few months are looking promising.
Crystal River Fishing Report (3/03/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] Trout season opens back up this month!! Great shallow water fishing for Redfish, Black Drum, Sheephead. Warm weather=Red Hot Fishing!!!
Crystal River fishing report (2/12/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] February still has tons of options for salt water fishing. Shallow water + great sight casting.
Don't let the Cold Weather scare you!! (1/10/2010)
[Homosassa,FL] Don't Let the cold weather scare you. Fishing is still awesome and most fish are in bigger, bader, and better schools than ever.
Awesome Crystal River Redfishing!!! (12/04/2009)
[Homosassa,FL] Great Redfishing in Crystal River, FL. Clear water and great fishing, you can't beat it.
Monster Reds Abound!!! (11/04/2009)
[Homosassa,FL] Huge schools of tailing Reds are all over the local flats of Crystal River and Homosassa. Live bait, lures and flies are all working.
Crysal River kayak and offshore fishing! (10/11/2009)
[Homosassa,FL] Crystal River has great kayak fishing and offshore fishing. Give the 2 day challenge a try. Contact Red Hot Fishing Charters today.
Crystal River Fishing on FIRE!!! (9/08/2009)
[Homosassa,FL] Crystal River is on Fire with excellent Redfishing, Speckled Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Bonita and Bluefish. All of which are being targeted during recent fishing charters along the Nature Coast.
Inshore & Offshore Fishing Nature Coast Red Hot (8/10/2009)
[Homosassa,FL] Inshore and Offshore fishing on fire along the Nature Coast of Florida. Reds and trout are biting inshore. Grouper, Kingfish, and Cobia are biting offshore.
Scallop season is here!!!!!! (7/08/2009)
[Homosassa,FL] Scallop Season is Here!! outdoor fun for the whole family!!
Grouper and Tarpon Biting! (6/16/2009)
[Homosassa,FL] The Grouper and Tarpon are Biting. Spin and Fly gear is a blast. Sight casting is the prefered method.
Cobia Invasion!!!!!! (5/18/2009)
[Homosassa,FL] Cobia fishing on fire with Red Hot Fishing Charters of Crystal River, FL.
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