Fishing Articles by Captain Mike Gerry

Some Summer Time Tips (6/09/2013)
[Bass Fishing] A few things I believe in when it gets hot and the water temperature sores with it!
Fish With Confridence (6/01/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Confidence and be the difference maker when your fishing, let me explain!
Heavy Weekend Traffic, you ca over come (5/25/2013)
[Bass Fishing] There are ways to catch even when the river is full of people!
Bass Fishing Phenomena (5/18/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Can there really be a day so special that you will never forget it!
May Madness (5/12/2013)
[Crankbaits] May is a blessed month for the crank bait fisherman, try it you\'ll see!
Size Does Matter (5/04/2013)
[Bass Fishing] When fishing is tough and the bass are beat up I have an answer for you!
The Facts About Bedding Fish (4/27/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Don\'t believe everything you hear, bedding fish can be caught easily!
Variety of Worm Presentations (4/20/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Fishing a worm can be anything but normal as there is many presentations to use!
Key to the A-rig (4/13/2013)
[Bass Fishing] An easy bait that catches fish you just need to fish where the fish are!
The Spinner Bait Bite is Near (4/07/2013)
[Bass Fishing] The good times are close, and when it comes you will be working a big Punisher Spinner Bait!
The Jerk Bait Craze (3/30/2013)
[Bass Fishing] A bait that has lead the way into the changes in fishing over time has been a jerk bait.
Removal of the Gill Nets (3/23/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Already the removal of the gill nets are sowing positive signs on Guntersville!
Breaking Down the A-rig (3/16/2013)
[Crankbaits] Things do change and the A-rig is no different than any other bait on the market.
Winter Time Crankin (3/10/2013)
[Crankbaits] Some things I live by when cranking in the winter, of early spring!
Just Getting Bites (3/02/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Some ideas on how to put more numbers in the boat, just a little thought!
Early Spring Fishing Tips (2/23/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips for Guntersville in early spring; a few ideas to help you!
Soft Plastics do Have Visual Keys (2/18/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Knowing and understanding how a soft plastic bait moves is important to catching fish!
Targeting Drops (2/09/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Some late winter early spring ideas on finding fish, it works for me!
Lipless Rattle Bait Time (2/03/2013)
[Crankbaits] Early spring late winter it is time to fish a rattle bait, your choice of colors.
The Art of Swimming a Jig (1/26/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Some techniques just catch big fish and swimming a jig is one of them!
Patterns Do Change (1/21/2013)
[Bass Fishing] Don\'t get stuck on old patterns as they change and you may be missing fish!
Never Stop Learning (1/12/2013)
[Bass Fishing] The key to successful fishing is to expand your abilities on the water!
Fishing At or Below 25ft. (1/06/2013)
[Crankbaits] The future is bright with new ways to get to those deeper fish!
Fishing the Bridges (12/29/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Bridges offer, some of the best bottom structure on the lake, try it!
Fishing in Frigid Temperatures (12/15/2012)
[Bass Fishing] The cold weather can make you struggle but here are a few ideas!
The Latest Christmas Ideas (12/09/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Trying to buy your fisherman something for Christmas well read below and I wll give you some ideas!
The Art of Finding Fish (12/03/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips to give you a chance at catching instead of fishing!
Preparation for the 2014 Classic (11/25/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Guntersville will need some work to make the 2014 Classic a success.
The Lakes are Crowded (11/18/2012)
[Bass Fishing] We are in a new era of bass fishing, plenty of pressure every where!
Striper Fishing Anyone (11/11/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Yes Guntersville is loaded with stripers and they are fun to catch and eat if you want!
The Challenge of a Severe Cold Front (11/02/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips on fishing when a cold front blows through your favorite lake!
Changing Water Levels (10/27/2012)
[Bass Fishing] How to adjust to the up and down levels of the water as winter approaches!
How to Conquer High Winds (10/22/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips on making the wind your friend while fishing in big winds!
Points on the Back Side Channel (10/14/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Some fall ideas on finding fish and a few tips to look for when fishing!
Tough Fall Bass Fishing (10/07/2012)
[Bass Fishing] What has happened that is making this fall so tough, the last 2 for sure!
The Ideal Bass Boat (9/29/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Some key things to look for when purchasing a bass boat either new or used!
The Greener Vegetation has an Advantage (9/22/2012)
[Bass Fishing] The green vegetation is a key to catching fish in the fall of the year!
The Fall Spinner Bait Bite (9/17/2012)
[Bass Fishing] A reaction bait during the fall time of year will catch good fish!
A Much Forgotten Fall Presentation (9/08/2012)
[Bass Fishing] If your into flipping the fall is the best time of year to do so!
Putting Together a September Pattern (9/02/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Some ways to make your fall fishing a little easier, a fall pattern!
Frog Fishing 12 Months a Year (8/26/2012)
[Bass Fishing] You can use a frog any time any weather and any place with just some thought!
Fishing the Back Side of the Channel in the Fall (8/19/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Some fall tips where to find good fish in the fall of the year!
Fall Techniques for Catching Bass (8/11/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Some ways to make fall fishing easy for all including children.
How to Find Productive Frog Grass (8/05/2012)
[Bass Fishing] A few drive by tips to find those addictive explosions frog fishing!
The Frog Bite is Near (7/28/2012)
[Bass Fishing] We are starting to see the grass die and turn brown and this is good for frog fishing!
The Old Reliable Ring Worm (7/21/2012)
[Bass Fishing] An Old bat with great results especiallyin the heat of the summer!
How to Hire the Right Guide (7/14/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips on finding quality guides, no matter where you fish.
What Makes Productive Grass (7/07/2012)
[Bass Fishing] How to determine what makes grass productive enough to flip the edges.
The Affect of Current on Bass (6/30/2012)
[Bass Fishing] Some tricks to fishing current, knowledge is everything in bass fishing!
Line Size Does Make a Difference (6/24/2012)
[Bass Fishing] If you think catching fish with heavy line doesn\'t make a difference; well?
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