Good Fishing in Flamingo ENP

2010-02-15 20:47:00
Flamingo, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report

The fishing is back and better as we approach prime time in south Florida. As temperatures have begun to heat up and stabilize so have our fisheries. Generally, as temperatures remain consistent so does the fishing and it only gets better as we get into the warmer months. The cold water species are still thriving but we are also getting good bites on snook, tarpon, and bonefish although they are a release-only fishery until summer. These fish are biting.

Drum (red and black) has been excellent as has the speckled trout fishing. Sheepshead, whiting, and all cold-weather species have been thriving. The good days have been really good. As with all fishing here with the changing winter months pick your plan. It doesn't matter if it looks like it going to blow real hard as long as you have protected spots and places to fish on windy days. There is a lot of water in the Glades and there are many techniques that can be applied. I like to start making my game plan with my temperature gauge and a forecast of wind direction. Then, I also consider scenery and available bait and forage in the area. This time of year requires more patience than the hot months.

The best bet for early spring is going to be big trout in Florida and

Whitewater Bays. I expect the tarpon to show a little later. For the trout, I prefer lures like Fishbites and even tandem jigheads for the kids and ladies. It is funner and you can cover a lot of area and they usually ambush in schools. Tidal areas with flow of water or rips are good. Fishing for trout will also give the snook and tarpon a rest they need and will allow you to hook up with other fish at the same time.

Feel free to call me to discuss fishing or boating. We can go in my boat or yours. It's going to be a great spring fishing season.

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