Great Fall fishing In Flamingo and Biscayne Bay

2009-09-11 22:18:37
Flamingo, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Flamingo, Biscayne

Fishing bite has been good even though many fishing captains have experienced one of the slowest charter seasons ever. Guess it's all around but not good enough reason to stay home. Fishing is fishing and less pressure on the water means more fish.

Flamingo continues to see a great snook and baby tarpon bight. The best time has been the early mornings for spotting rolling and busting fish. And it has been raining every afternoon cooling down temperatures in air and water. The rain always has a positive effect on the fishing. Whitewater Bay has that sweetwater from rain will still produce tarpon and snook. Don't be discouraged rather get out and discover what will pull at the end of your line.

Biscayne Bay has had me chasing the most heralded inshore fish-the bonefish. I've been stalking fish in mid bay south of Stiltsville using jigs, flies, and live baits. We have also encountered some very large snook near pilings in Stiltsville. The permit will also be very plentiful like in August and September.

The best outlook will be the fall mullet migration and run. This is one of the best times of the year to fish if you want to catch a variety of inshore species. And you don't need live bait. The bait can be easily spotted and approach easy. Carry a long rod and make distant casts for a lead on the big gamefish. Find the mullet and the birds and you will be in action. There are different type of birds to spot. The wading birds will be in the shallows where the reds, snook, and trout are found. Very shallow approach around the waders. Then there are brown pelicans, terns, and frigate birds, which may be in slightly deeper water. Some of these birds will be spotting and actually diving and crashing into the water. Approach and cast whenever you can. Get out and look for signs and you will be hooked up.

Boat Tech: Inspect all electrical connections on your boat and trailer. Like the old saying that goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it" you'll want to stick that that but read on. If there are disconnected cables then connect them with quality connectors like heat shrink butt connectors, secure ring connectors, or other appropriate hardware. Solder is a superb method as well requiring just a little more experience. If heat shrink connectors are not available you can always coat the automotive ones with liquid tape.

I have continued to be involved in promoting and participating in a new boating TV program called "ANCLA TV". This is a show that entertains, educates, and interacts with viewers that love the Florida outdoors. Follow the latest on ANCLA by logging on to their page on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Or you can find me on facebook and see my video trailer for my fishing segment coming real soon. The first several shows will air on channel 8, which can be seen from the Palm Beaches to Key West.

Please call for info. on fishing, rates, and trip options. I will also be glad to answer any boating-related questions.

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