Hernando Beach Fishing Report

2014-09-16 11:33:54
Hernando County, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Aripeka to Bay port
Josh Fritz

Hernando Beach Fishing Report

Fishing is really great right now. With Fall fastly approaching the inshore and near shore game fish are hungry and ready to take your offerings. Red fish are schooling up in large numbers 10 to 20 fish in a school some times 30+ fish. Live bait is working very good, live green backs and pin fish are in my boat every day. Rig your rod with a 25lb leader and a 2/0 circle hook look for mullets schools and nerves water on the low tides the reds have been tailing. Snook are crushing green backs along the mangroves at a high tide and pot holes at the low tide look for good current flow the snook will sit head first into the current or on the back edge of the pot hole and mangroves waiting for bait to pass by. The trout are making there way back into the shallow flats. target water depth of 2 to 6 feet on a incoming tide, MirrOlure 17MR in the 808 color is deadly to trout.

Near shore the Spanish mackerel are back in town, work water depth from 6 to 12 feet around spotty bottom a 1/4 ounce jighead with a little john white soft plastic is doing great. In the same area there are a good variety of fish to be caught, trout, sea bass, flounder, and grouper.

Shallow water grouper fishing is really heating up with the Gulf stating to cool down soon they are making there way to the shallow rocks 6 to 12 feet. Anchor up current casting distance away BIG live hand size green backs are deadly to a grouper.

Book your trips ASAP dates fill up very fast.

Fish Species: red fish, trout, snook, mackerel
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Josh Fritz

About The Author: Captain Josh Fritz

Company: Chase N\' Tails Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: Hernando Beach

Bio: Capt.Josh Fritz is a full time fishing guide in hernando county he targets redfish is favorite snook,trout,tarpon,shallow water grouper,and many other species.

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