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2012-05-08 19:19:05
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Fort Lauderdale
David Ide

April 29, 2012

Today, Al and I had a few guests on the morning trip. We trolled for a few hours with fresh bonito strips behind planer boards. The first two hours were slow, but the last few hours made up for the whole trip. We caught a nice size sailfish and one kingfish after the other. It was nonstop action! I haven't seen the king mackerel bite like this in a long time.

It is trip days like this make me happy.

This afternoon a friend of mine Plaxico went fishing with Al and I just to relax; but also hoping to catch a sailfish. We had caught that nice one in the morning so I told Plax there would be a good chance that we could catch a nice sailfish in the afternoon. We tried for a few hours but could not get a bite, so we went sharkfishing in 350 feet of water. We had nice fresh kingfish and some fresh bonito, and I thought with a 1.5 knot north current we would get some action. After three hours though, there was no action at all.

Towards the end of trip I decided we should try a shipwreck on the way home. It was getting dark but I wanted to catch some fish. On our first few drops we missed a few bites and I wasn't very happy, but on the last drop we hooked up and Plax got in the fighting chair. A monster amberjack gave him the workout he wasn't quite expecting! Some people think reeling in fish is easy, but when it all comes down to it; there is no machine in the gym that can prepare you for fishing! Nice job Plax!

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Fish Species: Sailfishing and Jacks and Snappers
Water Depth: 100-300
Water Temperature: 78.0
Wind Direction: southeast
Wind Speed: 5-20

David Ide

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