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Tuna Break Wide Open by Eric Brictson (10/18/2010)
The action was a bit up and down, with lots of skipjack mixed in, most charters are finding limits of the yellowfin for their anglers. A few dorado mixed in, though most of them were juvenile sized, only an occasional bull topping the 20 pound mark.
Mixed Species For Anglers out of SJDC by Eric Brictson (10/08/2010)
The fleet has been finding good numbers of schooling football sized yellowfin tuna on the Iman Bank.
After Rainy Weather Clears, Tuna Nite Turns On by Eric Brictson (9/28/2010)
Good news was found on the Gordo Banks, where the better water conditions were more prevalent. On Thursday there were two cows reported, a 261 lb. and 206 lb. yellowfin tuna accounted for, both were hooking into on bolito.
Wahoo and Tuna active on the Gordo Banks by Eric Brictson (9/20/2010)
Wahoo action surprisingly turned on the last few days, they were found spread out over all of the normal San Jose del Cabo fishing grounds, one wahoo was reportedly hooked into directly off of the Puerto Los Cabos Marina entrance.
Mixed Bag For San Jose del Cabo Anglers by Eric Brictson (9/13/2010)
The tuna bite found north of the banks near La Fortuna and Iman varied daily as to exactly where, what time, quantity, as well as how many black skipjack were mixed in. The majority of the time the bite was better early in the day while drift fishing with sardinas.
Marlin and Tuna Top Local Action by Eric Brictson (9/05/2010)
Most of these tuna were ranging in the 15 to 30 pound class, on some days there was a menacing presence of skipjack to deal with, but other days the action was pretty exclusively for the yellowfin. A few of the larger grade of tuna were in the same area.
HUrricane Spares Cabo, Yellowfin Tuna Continue to Bite by Eric Brictson (8/29/2010)
The largest concentrations of tuna were found on the Iman Bank, these fish averaged 20 to 35 pounds. The fish on the Gordo Banks were not as numerous, but were weighing 30 to 100 or more pounds.
Yellowfin Tuna Wide Open by Eric Brictson (8/23/2010)
Anglers found very good action for yellowfin tuna from the Gordo Banks, La Fortuna, Iman and San Luis. The majority of the tuna were being hooked while drift fishing with dead sardinas. Average sized yellowfin were ranging 20 to 40 pounds
Wide Open Yellowfin Tuna Action by Eric Brictson (8/16/2010)
here was an even a larger tuna landed, a super cow of 319 pounds was weighed in on Monday by local La Playita pangero Efrin Arripez. This is the first yellowfin over 300 pounds this season that we know about taken off of the Gordo Banks.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (8/08/2010)
The yellowfin tuna action has fluctuated as to where the best action is found each day, drift fishing with bait has been the most productive method of finding fish. Sizes have ranged from football specimens to tuna of over 100 pounds.
San Luis Bank Wide Open for Yellowin Tuna by Eric Brictson (8/02/2010)
Despite this set back with the conditions the fishing action has remained steady, particularly for yellowfin tuna, which have been the main stay of daily catches for the fleets launching out of San Jose del Cabo.
Warm Weather Attracts Big Yellowfin Tuna by Eric Brictson (7/25/2010)
The most popular and productive fishing grounds this past week was outside of the San Luis Bank, around four miles from shore, with water depths ranging 190 to 240 feet. With thirty or more combined panga, cruiser and yacht charters congregating here to target the schooling yellowfin tuna, which have ranged in sizes from football models up to 233 pounds, with the average tuna weighing in the 30 to 80 pound class.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report July 19 by Eric Brictson (7/19/2010)
This past week the main attraction for charters launching out of San Jose del Cabo was the yellowfin tuna bite that developed outside the San Luis Bank.
Action Heats up for Anglers out of San Jose by Eric Brictson (7/08/2010)
Counts of yellowfin tuna increased throughout the week, tuna were found on the Iman Bank by anglers trolling hoochies and Rapalas, these were mostly football sized models.
Summer Season Starts with a Flurry of Action by Eric Brictson (6/26/2010)
Fleets are searching in different directions for productive action. Local panga fleets were finding the most consistent fishing from straight offshore of San Jose del Cabo, to San Luis and Vinorama.
Wahoo, Tuna, Roosterfish Wide Open by Eric Brictson (6/17/2010)
As water conditions stabilized, with warmer clean currents returning, this triggered the wahoo to become active once again.
Yellowfin Tuna found very Close to Shore by Eric Brictson (6/10/2010)
The main species being yellowfin tuna in the 10 to 30 pound range, at times found traveling with smaller sized spinner porpoise and often being encountered by blind strikes.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (5/30/2010)
Billfish action was mainly for striped marlin, casting baits to tailing fish be the most productive technique. A handful of larger marlin were also hooked into, one black marlin of 450 pounds and several smaller sized blue marlin were reported off of the Chileno and Pacific fishing grounds.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (5/23/2010)
Wahoo action continues to be one of the main highlights, quality sized fish of 40 to 80 pounds are hitting along the entire coastal section from Cabo San Lucas to the San Luis Bank.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (5/16/2010)
Anglers were trolling rocky drop offs along the local coast lines and reported steady action for wahoo, averaging two or more chances per morning.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report May 7 by Eric Brictson (5/07/2010)
Perhaps the highlight of the week has been the wahoo action being found to the north of Punta Gorda and near San Luis Bank.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (4/23/2010)
Early in the week there were schools of yellowfin tuna encountered that were traveling with porpoise, within five miles of shore, near San Luis Bank.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (4/15/2010)
Most consistent catches have been encountered closer to shore, best success was found with live sardinas, even though the bait was in limited supplies. Sierra was the more common species, averaging 2 pounds, but a few larger fish ranged up 8 pounds.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (4/04/2010)
Yellowfin tuna have been found offshore traveling with porpoise, but still very hit of miss. Some larger tuna to 100 pounds were encountered closer to shore, moving with small pods of spinner porpoise.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (3/28/2010)
Sardinas were found schooling along the rocky beaches near San Luis and Vinorama, they were the bait of choice for the inshore action that consisted of mainly sierra weighing up to 5 pounds, with a handful of roosterfish and jack crevalle mixed in.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (3/18/2010)
Sierra have been the most consistent catch close to shore, striking best on live sardinas, but also on a variety of artificial lures.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (3/07/2010)
On Friday the San Jose del Cabo panga fleet found improved action all around, with more quality bottom species biting on the various rock piles to the north of Punta Gorda, anglers using yo-yo iron jigs had catches that included grouper, cabrilla, amberjack, pargo, triggerfish, bonito and they also lucked into a late winter time bonus of wahoo, which were encountered close to shore off of Punta Gorda.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (2/25/2010)
The majority of the panga charters have produced better results working the inshore coastal stretches for sierra, roosterfish and jacks.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (2/17/2010)
Dorado were a common species found, many boats were catching limits, with many other fish being released, weights ranged from 5 to 20 pounds, with a few exceptions of larger fish mixed in.
San Jose del Cabo Fish Report by Eric Brictson (12/20/2009)
he weather conditions but a damper on the epic yellowfin tuna bite that happened during previous weeks, though the fish are still there, as a 183 pound tuna was weighed in on Wednesday, it hit a trolled bolito on the Outer Gordo Bank, if the wind settles down enough we expect more anglers will target the big tuna again.
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