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2012-08-20 13:09:24
Pensacola, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Pensacola, Navarre, Perdido Key
John Rivers

Since we've had all this rain it's muddied up the bays pretty good and even around Pensacola Pass. I've not been to the pass in weeks, because I've been fishing the upper bay areas for trout and redfish, but I've got some captain buddies that primarily fish the pass and they tell me the bite has been hit and miss. So until the water clears up in the pass I'll keep hitting the flats for trout and red fishing using mainly artificials.

Since we've had this much rain I've had to find a few new areas in the upper bay areas to fish and I've also had to change my tactics a bit. Trout and redfish can handle fresh water more than most saltwater species. But since we've had a lot more rain than normal it's moved the fish around a bit. The fish that are affected by freshwater more are Spanish, kings, bluefish and ladyfish. They like more saltwater and when the bay gets an influx of freshwater they move out to find cleaner water.

While I'm fishing the upper bay areas I concentrate on the flats with large mullet schools and work the area methodically with a variety of lures. I'll start out tossing a top-water to see what the bite's like, and if we get good hookups, I'll keep tossing them, but if we get a lot of blowups with no hookups or no strikes, I'll switch to suspending twitch baits or jerk shads. The upper bays have been producing some quality fish for the most part. Most of the trout range between 15- 18 inches with some very nice fish over 20 inches. Some days it was a little tougher than I like, but that's ok, I don't mind a challenge. My clients are aware that there are some easier fish to go after, but most of them love the challenge of getting that strike on artificial bait.

Most of the charter guides in this area want to show their guests a variety of methods to catching a variety of fish, and they certainly want their guests to have a great trip. Sometimes we may go after the so-called easy bite, but it's all about making the client happy. Be sure to tell your charter guide whether you've saltwater fished before, and let them know your expectations from the trip. When we know what your skill level is before the trip, it will help us specialize the trip to your best potential.

I feel that to be a good inshore guide you cater your trips to the needs of your clients and find out what style of fishing they want. If you want artificials, then artificials it is, if you want to bottom fish for bigger fish in the pass or bay, then that's what we'll do.

I do prefer artificials, but it is your vacation, and we'll do it your way. Come on down to Pensacola and we'll get you on the water.

Tight Lines.

Capt. John

Fish Species: Speckled Trout, Redfish
Bait Used: MirrOlure Suspending Baits - Topwaters
Tackle Used: Penn Battle 3000's - All Star Rods
Method Used:
Water Depth: 2 - 6
Water Temperature: 83
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Kerry is all smiles after landing this nice trout
Kerry is all smiles after landing this nice trout

The guys had a great day fishing for trout in Pensacola Bay
The guys had a great day fishing for trout in Pensacola Bay

John Rivers

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