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    A Big Lady, the one that got away, the Tuna and a Shark. by Mike Laubscher (2/05/2018)
    [Durban] We had 3 long trips from Friday through to Sunday with various guests from the UK and Austria, our team consisted of Erik, Kurt and myself. On Friday we launched very early so we could be back well in time before the big South West wind came through and this worked out well
    About the Turtle and the Yellowfin by Mike Laubscher (1/29/2018)
    [Durban] This weekend was very frustrating with the weather reports getting it totally wrong, On Saturday light NE winds were forecast and we launched early for a 5 hour trip,
    Game Fish Grand SLam by Mike Laubscher (1/26/2018)
    [Durban] Today was a vast improvement and the strong SW winds have brought us some warmer and cleaner water and it looks like things will start getting better. We had a short 5hour charter today with nice results
    A Big Honeycomb Skate in the Harbour. by Mike Laubscher (1/13/2018)
    [Durban] We had two 5 hour harbour trips and had some great fun, catching a bunch of .......
    Black Marlin Afternoon by Mike Laubscher (1/10/2018)
    [Durban] I knew when the Wahoo and Bonnies started coming around we would be getting a Black very soon. A very happy angler with his first Marlin, and our Marlin account opened for 2018. Well done Henk, you fought your Marlin like a pro.
    Wahoo again by Mike Laubscher (1/09/2018)
    [Durban] If Wahoo are around then Black Marlin are around so the clock is ticking and it will be game on soon, the next 4 months from now until April is the best time for Marlin in Durban.
    Dad's Dorado by Mike Laubscher (1/08/2018)
    [Durban] With a short morning trip that had to be split between game fishing and bottoms we shot out early in the morning and by 06h30 we had a .....
    Wahoo Account opened for 2018. by Mike Laubscher (1/08/2018)
    [Durban] The conditions have been improving and there is a lot of clean warm water around, especially out in the deep. Inshore has been very quiet and we have had to travel a fair distance to get fish.
    First Dorado for 2018 by Mike Laubscher (1/03/2018)
    [Durban] With a stiff SW wind and unsettled seas from the SW Buster the day before we made our way out for a short morning trip, we eventually found some nice clean warm water
    Last Dat out in 2017 by Mike Laubscher (1/01/2018)
    [Durban] Both Fat Girl and Nawty Girl made their way out of port early on the 31st to do their last trips for 2017 after a very busy week. It was a stunning day with great conditions, warm clear water, light winds and flat seas.
    Best of the West by Mike Laubscher (12/28/2017)
    [Durban] we made our way out deep and headed south, we found warm, clear purple water just under 26deg.C. Birds diving and hovering, flying fish, bait schools and lots of small tuna jumping everywhere; we were excited and were expecting something big
    Lonely Dorado - Fishing Report – Durban – 26-12-2017 by Mike Laubscher (12/26/2017)
    [Durban] After yesterdays wind the water was all green again but it was warm with temperatures from 24.3deg.C to 24.8deg.C.
    Early Morning Tuna Bite by Mike Laubscher (12/24/2017)
    [Durban] Today was one of those great mornings, flat seas and warm water at almost 25deg.C and very clean with a slight current. We had a 5 hour Mini Deep Sea so it was not a trip out to the deep
    Little Guy Loves Fishing by Mike Laubscher (12/18/2017)
    [Durban] he had so much fun on Nawty Girl and caught a.......
    Tuna off the bottom - Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 17-12-2017 by Mike Laubscher (12/17/2017)
    [Durban] Sea conditions were ideal for bottom fishing today with a 1-2knot S-N current and a very light SE wind, so light that one could hear a ship’s engines from 2 miles away.