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Details:Shimano's existing Slade series of threadlines have also been given an upgrade, and these entry-level reels are now even better suited to anglers just getting started in fresh or light saltwater fishing. They are robust, reliable, and continue the Slade tradition of being extremely good value for money. The Slade series features a strong, corrosion-resistant XT7 body and a precision-machined aluminium spool. The front drag on Slade reels is robust and capable of handling fast running fish, and a two bearing drive train - coupled with Dyna-Balance - ensures a vibration-free retrieve. Aerowave Oscillation - whereby an oval-shaped oscillation gear creates a consistent spool speed - lays line evenly on the spool, which makes for effortless, friction-free casting. Slade reels come in a stylish black and grey, corrosion-resistant finish.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
SL1000FB N/A 5.2:1 2/270,4/140,6/110 7.4oz

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Rating: Ok but not good
Reviewed on July 19, 2008 by surfaMIKE from South Africa

Check, its an ok reel. smooth at first but obviously gets worse becuz of wear and tear (you cant avoid that) so it got rough. clicker broke while fighting a decent sized fish (1.5-2kg mullet). reel screamed then I heard nothing, but the spool was still spinning like a drag racers tire. open it up, yup clicker broke off. so I think what the hell, dont need it anyway, and decided to give it a service. shimatic didnt even say where half the stuff went! I would expect better from I sat there with a reel in pieces, not knowing how to put it back togetha so it became useless. went and baught a new okuma cimeron and couldnt be happier! dont think i'll be buying a shimano ever agen. I know Im bringing a whole company down over one reel but you cant expect that kinda crap to hapen on a 7 MONTH OLD reel. South Africa is harsh, so i always wash my reels off even after bass fishing... not impressed... OKUMA FOREVER!!!

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