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2015-03-13 14:32:43
Guntersville Lake, Alabama - Freshwater Fishing Report
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Curtis Staley

Fishing the past week has been up and down. One day we have a really big day and bust 30lbs for our best 5 and the next is a grind but we still are catching a best 5 of around 20lbs. We are not getting tons of bites right now but they are good ones when we get them. We are getting 10 to 20 bites a day right now. There are a few places that the fish are starting to pull in on and are loaded but you really have got to work the area to catch them. You can see them just sitting there on your graph and then one will decide to eat. Each day there will be an hour or two when the bite is best. Some of the areas that they are really starting to load up on will have every kind of fish there. We have caught catfish, crappie, skipjack and gar on them.

We are catching fish from 2 to 10 feet of water on traps and crankbaits for the most part but a few are coming on swimbaits. We are going to throw a few plastics and jigs around some of those areas tomorrow for a bit just to see if they want that slower presentation. With the way the water is warming up and the warm weather that is in the forecast more fish will pull up. The warmest water I have found out there is 60 to 61 and if that keeps up the spawn will be on and good times getting closer.

Here are a few pics of some of the really big ones from this week. The picture of the guys holding 3 fish is of a 7.11, a 7.9 and a 7.2 that were caught on Wednesday.

I have a few dates open this month and some for April open if anyone wants to get out.

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Water Temperature: 55-60
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