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2014-05-18 19:59:51
Guntersville Lake, Alabama - Freshwater Fishing Report
Mid Lake
Curtis Staley

Fishing the past few weeks has been awesome. The best day we have had we boated around 150 between me and 2 others. They are the ones in all the pics and we only put ones over 5lbs in the box for some pics. There is no telling how many 4 lbers we tossed back over the few days we fished. Check out the two he caught on the same crankbait. We have hit schools of fish so big that when you reel one in we have seen as many as 30 or 40 chase them back. I know that sounds far fetched but things half to be just right for the big schools to get really active. Most of the time you will see 5,6,7, follow one back. The right amount of current and wind really helps things.

Some days when the schools have been really active we didn't even bother to take pics, when they are going you have got to keep baits in the water to keep them going. On Wed. as the front approached we got on a group and caught 20 over 5 lbs and I made 7 cast and caught 5 fish between 5 and 7 lbs. One of my clients was trying to see if we were reeling the same speed and we would cast together and start reeling to see if we had the same retrieve and we couldn't even finish because one would bite.

We haven't caught the big numbers everyday. We have been having a couple really good days each week and most days catching 30 to 40. This cool front that moved in slowed them up as I seen the water temp fall from 79 to 71 in some of my main areas and all the wind really stirred the water up and stained it. Things should start to stabilize and get back here to where it should be in a few days with the warm weather moving back in as the week goes on.

I have days open if anyone wants to go. If you are wanting to learn some things about your sonar and sidescan now is the time. A lot of the fish we are catching we see on the sidescan before we ever make a cast.

Good luck out there.

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