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how to trigger crank bait bites by Mike Gerry (04/22/2018)
Some times you just have to do something your not use to doing!
Crank Bait Cadence by Mike Gerry (04/03/2018)
knowing how to work a crank bait is key to catching fish, knowledge!
The Magic of Lipless crank baits by Mike Gerry (03/06/2018)
Sometimes its just all about reaction and nothing does it better and lipless crank baits!
Crank bait in winter by Mike Gerry (01/01/2018)
It is easy to lose fish with a crank bait but there are some tips!
Winter Can be ideal Cranking Time by Mike Gerry (12/09/2017)
Winter is a great time for a crank bait and you can be versatile!
How to Fish a Deep Running Crankbait by Mike Gerry (08/18/2017)
Keys to fishing a deep running crank bait, and the effects of line size.
The Crank Bait battle by Mike Gerry (08/07/2017)
Sometimes fishing a crank bait can be frustrating, but there is a solution!
Tips for Crank Baiting by Mike Gerry (07/15/2017)
Some tips to make you a better crank bait fisherman; it\'s not rocket science.
Six to Ten Ft. Crank Baits by Mike Gerry (08/30/2016)
A look back at the good times and the small crank bait comes to mind!
Deep Cranking Tips by Mike Gerry (05/22/2016)
If you love to deep crank you will enjoy these tip bits, and be better!
Deep Cranking by Mike Gerry (05/12/2015)
If deep cranking hasn\'t gotten your attention then you have missed the best of the best!
Key to Fishing Jerk Baits by Mike Gerry (02/23/2015)
if your a jerk bait fisherman you need to read this article it opens the keys!
The First Ever SPRO Crank bait Tournament by Mike Gerry (12/20/2014)
Guntersville will host the first ever SPRO Crank bait Tournament on 5-30-15
Winter Cranking by Mike Gerry (11/15/2014)
Some tips to take advantage of the winter time conditions while cranking!
Igniting Summer Time bass by Mike Gerry (07/20/2013)
You can ignite the fish in the heat of the summer; it just takes the correct presentation!
May Madness by Mike Gerry (05/12/2013)
May is a blessed month for the crank bait fisherman, try it you\'ll see!
Breaking Down the A-rig by Mike Gerry (03/16/2013)
Things do change and the A-rig is no different than any other bait on the market.
Winter Time Crankin by Mike Gerry (03/10/2013)
Some things I live by when cranking in the winter, of early spring!
Lipless Rattle Bait Time by Mike Gerry (02/03/2013)
Early spring late winter it is time to fish a rattle bait, your choice of colors.
Fishing At or Below 25ft. by Mike Gerry (01/06/2013)
The future is bright with new ways to get to those deeper fish!
The Art of Long Lining by Mike Gerry (05/13/2012)
When you can\'t get the crankbait deep enough try this it might help!
The Keys to Deep Cranking by Mike Gerry (05/05/2012)
Some ways to improve your deep cranking Skills, no matter what your skill level.
Custom Painting Crank Baits by Mike Gerry (09/11/2011)
Some thoughts on the newest fad, the good news bad news of it also!
Crankbait Bass! Alabama's Guntersville Lake - Fall Crank baiting for Big, Largemouth Bass! by Reed Montgomery (09/05/2011)
Choose from among today\'s many styles of crankbaits, those that run shallow, those that run in the mid-depths and deep divers, for targeting Guntersville lake bass during this fall and early winter season.
The Fall Crank Bait Bite by Mike Gerry (08/08/2011)
There is no better time to work a crank bait than the fall of the year!
Bumping Wood with Crank Baits by Mike Gerry (05/07/2011)
The best way to gain cofidence using crank baits. Bumping wood!
Under Size Crank Baits for Fall Fishing by Mike Gerry (09/12/2010)
Some tips and ideas on small crank bait fishing! They can produce some big bites.
The Art of Working Crank Baits in Shallow Water by Mike Gerry (06/06/2010)
Some tips on square bill crank baits. How and where to fish them.
Road Beds and Crank Baits are a Good Match by Mike Gerry (05/09/2010)
Fish Stack up on Roadbeds. A great match.
Leading and Stroking a Crankbait by Mike Gerry (09/26/2009)
Some ways to keep your crankbait out of the grass and be productive.