Blue Runners - Most Underrated Live Bait For Pelagics?

Author: Captain Michael Grimm | Posted: 11/23/2018

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Blue Runners
Blue Runners

Blue Runners, also known as hard-tails are loved by many as live baits for sailfish, big kingfish, big mahi, big tuna and big wahoo.  Notice we said "BIG" 4 times? That is becuase a blue runner has been called the "big fish bait" by anglers all over the world.

And catching them is far easier than most baits becuase they are easier to locate and typically very agressive, feeding all day.  Once you find one, you can be sure there are more in the area.

When pilchards or threadfin herrings are extemely scarce I like to load the baitwells full of blue runners.  They are my go to plan-b baits as I know they will be readily available and can catch a few dozen in a matter of 30 minutes or so.

Offshore they are very hardy and send off a ton of vibrations.  They can be used kite fishing for sailfish, dropping on the wrecks for grouper and amberjack, or just drifting for a wide variery of fish.  Oh, and they also make great inshore baits for tarpon and snook.

I think many anglers don't have faithy in blue runners because they are not fishing them right or treating them with the same respect as a Goggle Eye or Pilchard.  Put in your time and you will be shocked at how good a hard time will produce for you.  

Handle the with care, bridle them, etc - they are great baits and if you fish them the same way you would a more desired bait, you just may catch the biggest mahi or sailfish of your life.

In the following video I show you exaclty how and where to load your baitwells with blue runners.   

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