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Tropical Storm Gordon Beach Tropical Storm Gordon Update and Bonus Beach Cleanup by Michael Grimm (09/08/2018)
Tropical Storm Gordon formed near Florida and is expected to go into the gulf and possibly strengthen. Check out this live video from Miami.
Grass Spraying Issues on Guntersville by Mike Gerry (09/02/2014)
After a meeting with all the right folks I am convinced that Guntersville is being treated correctly!
Biscayne National Park Reserve Zone by Mo Estevez (12/15/2013)
More public meetings ahead of the final management plan to affect Biscayne National Park for the next 20 years.
Salmon farming attacking free speech, wild salmon and science by Brian McKinlay (01/29/2012)
Norwegian salmon farming giant Cermaq goes after activist who artistically speaks the scientific facts about farmed salmon and the elevated cancer risks associated with consumption. Legal bills are stacking up for this defence of free speech and wild salmon all over the world.
Bird Watching & Nature Trip out of Half Moon Bay on Huli Cat by Tom Mattusch (08/02/2011)
Terrific ocean conditions set the stage for a great bird watching and marine mammal viewing trip. A great variety of birds and marine mammals were encountered.
Farm Salmon Facts- the ugly scary truth by Brian McKinlay (01/22/2011)
\"Raising salmon in net pens began in Norway, thus Norway is a forerunner. Today, nine out of ten salmon rivers in the heavily farmed Hardanger Fjord have collapsed and sea lice and escaped fish from salmon feedlots are blamed\"...
Amazon river under threat from Mega-Dam project by Brian McKinlay (01/18/2011)
Belo Monte would be a project bigger than the Panama Canal, flooding at least 400,000 acres of rainforest, displacing 40,000 indigenous and local people... Sign the petition !!
Day in Day out, the bunker are netted up and taken away Export and exploitation of New Jersey's Menhaden by Paul Eidman (08/30/2010)
Visible propeller scar with biodegradable cotton sediment tubes and PVC pipes with bird stands: Photo taken by Alan Sherman SHALLOW WATER SEA GRASSES ARE VANISHING ALL OVER THE WORLD! by Alan Sherman (07/02/2010)
Shallow Water Seagrasses are disappearing all over the world and we can help fix one of the problems.
River Herring - A Call to action by Paul Eidman (03/10/2010)
A vital part of our aquatic food web is on the verge of collapsing. Solid River herring runs in the future will insure great fishing for all.You can help our grassroots effort by helping to preserve what is left of our river herring stocks.
The problem with Salmon farming along British Columbia's coast by Brian McKinlay (09/20/2009)
The Salmon farming industry in conjunction with our government is responsible for the near collapse of the world\'s largest Sockeye salmon run
Capt. Mike Puts One Back Should You Kill It or Release It? by Woody Gore (01/05/2009)
Kill it or release is often the question being considered today. Either way plan on it early. If you're releasing be ready and do it quickly.
Rolling the dice With Nemasket Herring by Scott Bradley (01/06/2008)
Casino waste treatment plant could harm states most productive herring run.
Fishing Etiquette 101 by Joel DeBoer (08/13/2007)
A good reminder for ALL of us on fishing and boating etiquette