Don't Touch Your Baits - How To Dehook Live Bait

Author: Captain Michael Grimm | Posted: 10/23/2018

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Dehook Baits
Dehook Baits

Fresh live baits are the key to catching more fish.  With natural and optimal health baits, you can ensure you will entice a predator when you cast your live bait into the depths. But how you treat your live baits is everything.  

If you catch your baits using a sabiki rig, it is important that you learn to use a de-hooker.  This allows you to put the livebaits into your baitwell without touching them.  You will only touch live baits when placing them on the hooks for fishing.

When you touch a live bait, you remove the protective slime.  They change colors, don't look nautral and don't live as long.  This is why we use a dehooker.

If you drop your baits on the floor of your boat, use a baitwell net to pick them up.

In order to dehook your baits, you simply place the de-hooker around the hook and lift up.  Sometimes you will need to shake the dehooker to wiggle the hook barb out but the baits should fall right off the hook and into your baitwell.

If your using a cast net, be sure to dump  your baits diretly into your baitwell.  

As I said, the way you treat your baits makes all the difference when you go fishing.

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