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Steelhead are like Trout Only Much Bigger! Oncorhynchus Mykiss in the Pacific NW by Casey Weigel (01/07/2018)
Brief summary of seasons, techniques and locations to catch steelhead trout in the Pacific NW.
Milwaukee Brown Trout Fishing Heaven! by Jim Hirt (02/26/2015)
Milwaukee fishing is as easy as it gets. We truly have a world-class fishery. There are three launch ramps for trailerable boats within minutes of dozens of hotels.
Go Slow For Spring Brown Trout by Jim Hirt (02/08/2012)
Spring can be Brown Trout a plenty with the right presentation. Allow me to break it down and offer some suggestions for tons of Browns wherever you fish. Let's discuss presentation
Winter Steelhead Fishing by Troy Creasy (01/19/2012)
Living in Upstate New York wintertime is always unpredictable. Some years we are faced with brutal conditions. I fished the Salmon River with clients in temperatures as low as -38 degrees (not one of my favorite days). Meanwhile, so far this winter has been mild. If these conditions persist February is going to be a good steelhead fishing month.
Rainbow Point Lodge Alaskan Vacation Review by Troy Creasy (01/12/2011)
This article appeared in the Show Issue of Lake Ontario Outdoors.
Ohio is famous for its steelhead fishing. Steelhead Guided Fishing Trips in Ohio by John Avena III (11/08/2010)
Ohio is home to \"Steelhead Alley,\" a nickname given to the over 30 tributaries that flow into Lake Erie\'s southern shore in Ohio.
Targeting Stream Trout by Joel DeBoer (05/10/2010)
Fishing for trout in Wisconsin streams is often overlooked by many anglers. Those who know however, take advantage of the fantastic Brook, Brown, and Rainbow Trout fishing available in Wisconsin\'s small streams... here\'s how!
Bass Fishing for Trout by Tom Redington (12/31/2009)
Western trout fishing made easy for the bass angler.
Fishing The Zone For Lake Trout #5 by Jim Hirt (12/30/2009)
This will greatly enhance your understanding of this Lake Trout article. Let me explain how to be more productive by following some basic rules and using some old and new tools.
Fishing The Zone For Rainbow Trout Milwaukee #4 by Jim Hirt (12/03/2009)
Last year was an above average year for Rainbows on Lake Michigan Milwaukee. Our port holds the state record of over 26 pounds for this species. We boated many between fifteen and twenty pounds.
Fishing The Zone For Brown Trout Milwaukee #2 by Jim Hirt (10/28/2009)
Let me explain how to be more productive by following some basic rules and using basic tools. Activity and habits of fish are dictated by many variables.
Trophy Brown Trout Tricks by Patrick Thayer (01/30/2009)
What it take to fool monster Brown Trout. Patience is the fist thing you will need in you arsenal.
Tuning up for SPRING BROWN TROUT by Patrick Thayer (12/27/2008)
Tune up your gear for spring browns while you are waiting for the ice to melt
Species Profile For Brown Trout of the Great Lakes by Adam Hoelper (10/06/2007)
German Brown Trout, German Trout, English Brown Trout, Von Behr Trout, Lochleven Trout, European Brown Trout, Truite, Breac, Gealag, Searun Trout, sewien or Brownie are just a few of the many names given to Salmo trutta. But by any other name Salmo trutta is still our beloved BT or Brown Trout.
Steelhead Rainbow trout by Bob Devine (08/09/2007)
Steelhead, rainbow trout fishing on Lake Erie from Wheatley Ontario