How to Catch Snook on the Beach in Florida

Author: Captain Michael Grimm | Posted: 10/24/2018

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There is just something about having your feet on the sand and rod in your hand.  As you wait patiently for that "THUMP" that all snook fisherman know all to well.  You just know it is a snook and the fight is on.    And you guessed it, it all starts with LIVE BAIT.

Here's what you'll need:

- Light Tackle Fishing Rod 8 to 15 Lb
- Size 2500 to 4000 Spinning Reel with 8lb Mono or 15lb Braid
- 20lb Flurocarbon Leader (uni knot)
- Size 2 circle hook (loop knot)
- 5 Gallon Bucket
- Bubbler
- 5 Foot 1/4 Cast Net

Start by rigging up your rod with 3 feet of flurocarbon and a loop knot to your circle hook.

Get your 5 gallon bucket ready with water and bubbler.  Scan the beach for bait looking for birds and looking through the water with your polarized sunglasses.

Once you find the bait, throw your cast net and bring the baits close to your bucket.  Dump the baits on the sand near the oceans edge so you can easily release the unused baits.  Hand pick the best baits of the bunch and begin fishing.

Incoming tides always work best.  So be sure you have a tide app on your phone so you know exactly when to show up to the beach.  As the tide comes in, a trough will form with variety of baits and the snook are not far behind.

Be sure you dont cast too far as those snook are right at your feet in the trough.  They are masters are remaining invisible, so keep your baits in the water as long as possible.

When you feel that thump, let the snook eat it for a couple more seconds and close your bait.  Wind the rod tip pointed at the fish and slowly lift up when you feel the fish is on.  Do not set the hook.  

That is beach snook fishing. Fun for the entire family and friends.  

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