Fishing Reports by Captain John Rivers

About The Author: Captain

Company: Rivers to Bay Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Peterburg

Bio: I have a lifetime of fishing knowledge and over 8yrs of experience fishing the northern gulf coast and our local water ways. I have enjoyed fishing all my life. While living in the Midwest, I fished Kentucky & Barkley Lake for years along with the Ohio River and many local water ways. My first passion was bass fishing, but when I came to Florida, I found my new love Salt Water Fishing !

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New Year’s Eve Redfish Mania! - Pensacola Fishing Charters (12/31/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] What a great way to end the year with fantastic clients and MONSTER REDFISH! Happy New Year everyone, my 2013 bring you tight lines and great fishing!
A November to Remember - Pensacola Fishing Charter (12/14/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] A November to Remember! As the summer winded down and the weather started getting cooler, I was eager to get out and hook up with the bronze bruisers that show up here every fall. Starting every October I get the fall rods out, wipe the dust off,
Pensacola Fishing Charters -Drag Screaming Monster Redfish (12/03/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] November was truly one of the best Novembers ever, lots of repeats coming back to try out the annual monster redfish run and lots of new anglers booking trips.
Cold weather means BIG REDFISH! –Pensacola Fishing Charters (11/15/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] The big redfish have invaded Pensacola Bay and the bite is RED HOT!!!
Slot reds on docks and bull reds in the bay - Pensacola Fishing (11/03/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] Fall has arrived and that means BIG REDFISH! The weather has turned right and the redfish bite is on fire both for slot and bulls.
October means drag-screaming fun in Pensacola, Florida. (10/19/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] Large schools of bait pods have invaded our bays, We've caught some big reds already, but it won't be to much longer and the bulk of the larger schools will be here!!!
Trout Smack Down - Pensacola Fishing Charters (10/01/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] The weather has started to turn cooler and that means big trout and fun light tackle fun on the flats in the upper bay areas!
Pensacola Red Fishing - Trout Topwater Fun Fun Fun! (9/06/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] With Isaac gone the water is still pretty muddy, but don't worry the bite is still pretty good. Work areas with lots of mullet.
Muddy Water Trout Fising - Pensacola Inshore Charters (8/20/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] We've had a lot of rain but it's not affected the fishing, were still catching quality trout with a few reds mixed in from time to time.
Trout are Crushing Suspending Baits - Pensacola Florida (8/02/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] If you like working artificial's and hooking up on some great inshore fishing lets go fishing!
Pensacola Fishing Report - Trout, Redfish & Snappers (7/08/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] July is here and the inshore bite is red hot for Trout, Redfish, and much more!
Pensacola Red Snapper & Redfish Light Tackle Fun (6/05/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] June 1st and was the start of Red Snapper season and we've been hooking up some tasty snappers, we've also been hooking up on some Monster Redfish.
Pensacola Inshore Fishing Trout & Redfish on the flats! (5/01/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] The inshore bite has really started to kick off on the flats!!
Pensacola Fishing Charters Inshore Jacks and Sheepshead! (4/07/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] Pensacola Fishing Charters - Spring Break is over, but the fishing is still red hot. Lots of Spanish Mackerel in the bay, pass and just off the beaches, there are alos large schools of jacks cruising the beaches too.
Pensacola Fishing Charters - Light Tackle Fun with Sheepshead & Jacks (3/29/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] Pensacola Fishing Charters, Spring Break Fishing has picked up, the sheepshead bite has been outstanding along with many more species
Pensacola Inshore Sheepshead & Red Fishing Drag Screaming Fun (3/08/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] The inshore sheepshead and redfish bite has started and the bite is red hot!!!
Brackish water slam of sorts - Pensacola Inshore Fishing Reports (2/28/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] Winter fishing for trout and redfish has been great in Blackwater river and the Blackwater Bay.
Pre Springtime Inshore Slam on Blackwater. (2/16/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing in the upper bay areas is heating up in Blackwater Bay for trout and reds.
Pesacola Inshore Fishing Report - Light Tackle Trout Fishing (1/18/2012)
[Pensacola,FL] January fishing has been outstanding the past few weeks in the upper bay areas for trout and redfish
Monster Redfish in Pensacola, Light Tackle Fishing at it's finest (11/19/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] It's been very windy the past fews, but we've have been able to get out a few times and hook up on a few reds.
Pensacola Fishing Charter Report. - Light Tackle Fun! (8/15/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] Spanish Mackerel have invaded Pensacola and it's a lot of fun. Were also catching some quailty trout in uppper Escambia Bay.
Pensacola Light Tackle Inshore Report (8/07/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] It's been crazy hot, but the fishing has been hotter for Spanish Mackerel. The trout bite on the flats has also been good, but you have to hit the water early...
Pensacola Charter Fishing Report (7/13/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] Redfish, redfish, and more redfish! We’re catching redfish aboard the Mega-Bite! Professional Guided Inshore Fishing Trips Capt. John Rivers
Inshore Fishing Report Pensacola, Navarre, Perdido Key (7/03/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing has been great the past two weeks in Pensacola. Fishing Charters pensacola Florida.
Fishing Report Pensacola - Mega-Bite Inshore Charters (6/16/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] It's been hot and so has the fishing. Pensacola Fishing Charters at it's Finest! Light Tackle Inshore Fishing for Specks, Reds and much more.
Pensacola Fishing Charters - Guided Inshore Trips (6/07/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] Pensacola Fishing Charters - Fishing on the flats has been very good for trout and the pass is holding big redfish.
Fishing Charters Pensacola, Inshore Report (6/04/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] The inshore bite in pensacola has been pretty good the past few days. It's been hot so to get the good bite, you need to hit the water early.
Pensacola Fishing Reports - Fishing Charters Pensacola (5/27/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] The trout bite in Pensacol is heating up. Top-water plugs and suspending twitch baits are the ticket.
Pensacola Inshore Fishing Report - Trout on the Flats (5/23/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] The trout bite in Pensacola has picked up the past few days, The bigger trout are still up in the upper estuaries due to the lack of rain.
Pensacola Fishing Reports - Inshore Charter Guide Capt. John Rivers (5/17/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] Scouting for Trout and Reds on Friday the 13th and a neap tide? I must be crazy! We've not had much rain and the big trout have not moved down to the flats. I found some great fishing in the upper bay systems.
Inshore Fishing for Trout & Reds in Pensacola (5/04/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] The wind has been bad the past few weeks, but were still catching fish. This weekend looks like it's going to be the best weekend in weeks and I'll be out on the flats for sure.
The inshore bit in Pensacola is RED HOT! (4/05/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] The inshore bite in Pensacola has been great the past few days. Lots of sheepshead in the pass and big schools of redfish have been on the menu.
Pensacola Inshore Fishing Reports (3/07/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] The winds have kept me at the dock, but this weekend looks great. Time to hit the water for some light tackle fun!
Spring Weather in Pensacola Brings Good Fishing (2/18/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] The inshore bite in Pensacola has been great the past two weeks and it's only going to get better.
Spring temps in January, Pensacola, Fishing Report (1/30/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] Its warming up in Pensacola, but don't be fooled Winter tactics are still needed to catch fish.
Pensacola, Navarre, Perdido Key Fishing Report (1/16/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] Some redfish are still on the flats along the ICW, and with the colder water temps the bite has been slow, although the reds will still show up for a free meal.
Pensacola Inshore Fishing Report (1/04/2011)
[Pensacola,FL] Its winter and the inshore bite in Pensacola is still going strong. Spring is not far off only 8 weeks away!
Winter time redfish and trout action along the panhandle. (12/20/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing in Pensacola during the winter can be very productive if you know where to fish and what to use. Here's a little tip to point you in the right direction.
Red Fishing is red hot in Pensacola Bay (12/07/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] It's cold, but the red fishing is red hot in Pensacola. The large schools of reds are still around.
Fall Red Fishing Pensacola Bay (11/08/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] The fall redfish bite has been great the past few days.
Light Tackle Inshore Fishing Pensacola Report (10/15/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] The redfish bite has been on fire in Pensacola the past few days and it's only goning to get better.
Pensacola Bay & Gulf Fishing Report (10/11/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] The inshore fishing in Pensacola has been great the past few days. Just offshore the red snapper bite is going strong also.
Pensacola Inshore Fishing Light Tackle (9/22/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] Fall is almost here. Red Snapper Season is about to open on weekends for the next month! It's time to book your trip today!
Pensacola, Navarre, Perdido Key inshore report (8/26/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] The bite in Pensacola has really picked up and with fall around the corner it only going to get better.
Pensacola, Navarre, Perdido Key Fishing Report (8/03/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] It's hot but the bit is still going strong early and at night. so get out and go fishng!
Pensacola Inshore Fishing Report (7/20/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] Fishing in the bay and along the ICW has been very good early in the morning. If you're fishing the pass fishing has been best on a out going tide.
Pensacola, Perdido Key, Navarre, Inshore Fishing Report (6/02/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] The light tackle inshore bite has been very good the past few days along the Panhandle
Another Spring Break for the Books - 2010 - Pensacola, Floirda (4/12/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] This has to be one of the best bull redfish bites for March and April since I’ve been guiding.
Pensacola, Navarre, Perdido Key, Florida (4/03/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] It's been redfish mania in Pensacola Bay the past few days
Pensacola, Florida Inshore Fishing Report (3/21/2010)
[Pensacola,FL] All I can say is we whacked this past week. Redfish, Red Snapper, Sheepshead, Black Drum, Grouper; if it swam, we caught it!
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