Fishing Articles by Captain Michael Grimm

3 Piece Construction in Boat Building Benefits (9/24/2018)
[Building] You need to understand this if you are buying a center console boat for fishing. Here are some of the benefits.
Cooking Mahi in Air Fryer - No Oil Used (9/20/2018)
[Fish Recipes] Air Fryers are the latest buzz. Some say it is the best thing to have to cook fresh fish. No oil, means healthier.
How To Catch Pilchards - A Fisherman's Most Beloved Live Bait (9/08/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] Find the bait and you'll find the fish. But catching pilchards is easy to few and difficult to many. In this article and video, I\'ll break down what you need and how to find them.
Tropical Storm Gordon Update and Bonus Beach Cleanup (9/08/2018)
[Conservation] Tropical Storm Gordon formed near Florida and is expected to go into the gulf and possibly strengthen. Check out this live video from Miami.
How To Catch Ballyhoo (9/03/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] Ballyhoo make an excellent live bait or dead bait when trolling, chunking, bottom fishing, etc. You must have this skill in your bag if you want to become a better fisherman.