Fishing Articles by Captain Michael Grimm

Top Fishing Spots in South Florida - Bird Key, Miami FL 25.8384° N, 80.1678° W (2/08/2019)
[Saltwater Fishing] A great spot for everyone to fish whether on a boat, kayak or paddle board is Bird Key. With a beautiful and healthy grass flat it is no wonder the fish hold there year round.
How To Tie the Bimini Twist In Under 30 Seconds (2/06/2019)
[Tackle] The bimini twist is the only double line knot you need to know and it\'s easy!
The Only Fishing Hooks You Will Ever Need (12/19/2018)
[Tackle] Circle Hooks Increase Your Hook Up Ratio and Help you Catch More Fish!
How To Catch Goggle Eyes in Florida (12/07/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] The Goggle Eye is the most prized baitfish in South Florida by many. When you have a baitwell full of them, you are pretty confident you will find the fish.
Use Copper Wire To Make A Drop Back Release Clip For Big Game Fishing (12/03/2018)
[Big Game] Let the fish eat the bait by providing drop back when the fish initially eats the bait and runs with it. When you close the bail, that circle hook will work to the corner of the mouth of the fish for a perfect hookset.
How To Catch Kingfish in Florida From Boat (12/01/2018)
[Big Game] Catching your limit of kingfish is easy, since it is only two. On any given day, you can catch kingfish here in South Florida using live bait.
Blue Runners - Most Underrated Live Bait For Pelagics? (11/23/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] Blue Runners makes great baits and are some of the easiest baits to catch, but why do so many anglers neglect them?
The Florida Mullet Run (11/12/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] One of the most epic migrations of fish in the world happens every fall right down Florida\'s coast and if you get to see it in person, the sights will astound you.
How to Catch Snook on the Beach in Florida (10/24/2018)
[Snook] Snook are some of the most exciting game fish to catch from the beach and in this article we show you exactly how.
Don't Touch Your Baits - How To Dehook Live Bait (10/23/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] It is important you don't touch your live baits when storing them in baitwells. Learn how to properly de-hook your baits when catching them with sabiki rigs.
How To Use a Sabiki Rig To Load Your Baitwells (10/10/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] A Sabiki Rig consist of multiple hooks on one line allowing you to catch bait fish quickly and keeping them in better condition then when using a cast net. Find out why Captain Mike prefers to sabiki baits such as threadfin herrings.
How and Where To Catch Live Mullet (10/05/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] Being able to catch live mullet is a great tool to have in your fishing arsenal. Learn how and were to find the mullet and then get your cast net out to load em up.
How to catch Monster Snook on Bridges in South Florida (9/29/2018)
[Snook] Snook loves bridges, that is no secret. But getting them to eat and successfully pulling them out of the structure takes a bit of skill.
3 Piece Construction in Boat Building Benefits (9/24/2018)
[Building] You need to understand this if you are buying a center console boat for fishing. Here are some of the benefits.
Cooking Mahi in Air Fryer - No Oil Used (9/20/2018)
[Fish Recipes] Air Fryers are the latest buzz. Some say it is the best thing to have to cook fresh fish. No oil, means healthier.
How To Catch Pilchards - A Fisherman's Most Beloved Live Bait (9/08/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] Find the bait and you'll find the fish. But catching pilchards is easy to few and difficult to many. In this article and video, I\'ll break down what you need and how to find them.
Tropical Storm Gordon Update and Bonus Beach Cleanup (9/08/2018)
[Conservation] Tropical Storm Gordon formed near Florida and is expected to go into the gulf and possibly strengthen. Check out this live video from Miami.
How To Catch Ballyhoo (9/03/2018)
[Live Bait Fishing] Ballyhoo make an excellent live bait or dead bait when trolling, chunking, bottom fishing, etc. You must have this skill in your bag if you want to become a better fisherman.