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Recent Fishing Reports

Fishing report 1-19-19 by Mike Gerry (1/19/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Guntersville is producing fish and lots of them and big fish!
Dorado (Mahi) Fishing still great and some Tuna coming in. by Mike Laubscher (1/16/2019)
[Durban,KZN] The next 3-4 months are looking to provide us with some great fishing with Fat Girl, Nawty Girl and McFire ready for action.
Families with Kids having a blast Dorado Fishing. by Mike Laubscher (1/13/2019)
[Durban,KZN] As a skipper there is nothing that satisfies me more than when we take kids out fishing with Mom and Dad and we get them hooked up into a nice Dorado for the first time in their lives
Introducing McFire by Mike Laubscher (1/12/2019)
[Durban,KZN] She is a large catamaran and is all about Space and has lots of it with 1200Hp she has a top speed of 35 knots. She is the biggest boat in the Blue Water Charters fleet, and also Durban’s biggest charter fishing boat.
Fishing report 1-12-19 by Mike Gerry (1/12/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the best January I can remember and its just starting!
Mahi and Kingfish In Fort Lauderdale by Tom Zsak (1/12/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] As we trolled north in Fort Lauderdale, the rigger came down.  Frank was the angler, and he reeled in a nice Black Fin Tuna weighing 10 lbs.  I continued trolling the reef line – right rigger! Left rigger!
Dorado, Tuna, Monster Marlin, a Dropped Gaff and a Perch. by Mike Laubscher (1/10/2019)
[Durban,KZN] A difficult report to write, it usually takes me about a week to get over a dropped Marlin. The currents have been a mess with a complete circular system
Salt Water Fishing Fort Lauderdale Sailfish by Tom Zsak (1/07/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Happy Day Todat Fort Lauderdale Fl. Deep Sea Sport Fishing
Fishing report 1-5-19 by Mike Gerry (1/05/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing is getting better everyday and the spring is looking great!
Dorado (Mahi) Fishing in Progress – 2019 is in Action. by Mike Laubscher (1/05/2019)
[Durban,KZN] Have a Wonderful 2019. Bent Rods, Tight Lines, Screaming Reels and Bloody Decks to you all.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Fishing improving now that red tide is gone by Dave Hanson (1/04/2019)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fish populations were effected by the prolonged red tide we experienced last year, but things seem to be improving now, both offshore and inshore.
2 Cape White Eyes, 2 Marlin and lots of Dorado for end 2018. by Mike Laubscher (1/02/2019)
[Durban,KZN] The weather has made it difficult but with some shifting around we managed to get all our trips in on both boats and accommodate everyone. So many trips I don’t know even where to start...
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - December wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (12/31/2018)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - December wrap-up............................
Fishing report 12-22-18 by Mike Gerry (12/22/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The Christmas holiday is upon us and the fishing is pretty good!
1 Bull and 4 Queens for Fat Girl by Mike Laubscher (12/22/2018)
[Durban,KZN] We headed out for the deep and at the 90m we had our first Dorado on board, a nice Bull
2 Bulls and 3 Queens for Nawty Girl by Mike Laubscher (12/22/2018)
[Durban,KZN] Nawty Girl had her first Dorado hook up long before reaching no.1
Backline Fun on Nawty Girl by Mike Laubscher (12/22/2018)
[Durban,KZN] A fun backline trip with a good sized Rockcod. Also some Sarda Sarda a lot of Shad and a few Mackerel being caught
Ice Water, Bottoms up and a Tuna by Mike Laubscher (12/22/2018)
[Durban,KZN] We got out to some reefs and did some bottom fishing catching a variety of bottom species including
Grand Slam on a Fantastic Day by Mike Laubscher (12/21/2018)
[Durban,KZN] Even though not an ideal temperature this water was holding a lot of fish but all the way there and all the way back was dead.
Kite fishing Fort Lauderdale by Tom Zsak (12/21/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We started the charter trolling to read the waters with two planners down and four surface baits.  Slightly off of the reef line to the north of Fort Lauderdale, a color change was forming – an excellent place to fly the kite. 
The Christmas by David Ide (12/19/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Now is the time to get out and catch sailfish. We are getting cold fronts back to back each week and the sailfish can't resist a live bait on the kite.
December 2018 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing by Patrick Rood (12/18/2018)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Fishing conditions from New Smyrna Beach FL south through Mosquito Lagoon. Targeting redfish,Trout,and blackdrum.
Dec 2018 New Smyrna Backcountry Mosquito Lagoon Daytona Bch by Michael Savedow (12/16/2018)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Winter fishing is here with cold water temperatures, winter patterns with schooling fish in holes and channels, and sunshine bringing fish to the flats.
Fishing report 12-15-18 by Mike Gerry (12/15/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Tough week, lots of changing weather and hard times for most!
Puerto Vallarta fishing report December with humpback whales by Pete Vines (12/14/2018)
[Puerto Vallarta,MM] So of the best fishing in Puerto Vallarta is December and the whale watching can't be beat.
One Wave, the Another by Mike Laubscher (12/12/2018)
[Durban,KZN] Finally the warmer water has arrived and we found 23.5deg.C water. We launched into what the forecast said will be a 15 knot NE, but in reality it was around 30 knots and as the morning went on the sea picked up and we ended up punching wave after wave.
Winter Means BIG Fish on Lake Texoma by Steve Barnes (12/10/2018)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Winter is here on Lake Texoma. Fishing has been good with the recent warm spell but larger fish have been a little scarce. The colder winter temperatures with chances of rain (or even snow) turn the big fish on so fish the Winter season on Texoma.
Fishing report 12-8-18 by Mike Gerry (12/08/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Some consistent but cold added to some good days on the water.
Pensacola Fishing Report 12/01/18-12/05/18 by Zack Strickland (12/08/2018)
[Pensacola,FL] Up to datwe report for Pensaocla Florida and surrounding areas.
Nawty Dorado Queen. by Mike Laubscher (12/07/2018)
[Durban,KZN] With a short early morning trip on Nawty Girl we headed out in search of a Dorado that was requested in some difficult conditions
Good Bottoms and hungry Dorado. by Mike Laubscher (12/07/2018)
[Durban,KZN] Fat Girl headed out for a short morning of bottom fishing .....some Dorado came up chasing the baits a few times but evaded getting landed
Puerto Valarta fishing report December by Pete Vines (12/05/2018)
[Puerto Vallarta,MM] The weather is perfect and the fish are biting here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Gulf & Bay Catching by Dave Hanson (12/04/2018)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been good offshore and inshore, now that red tide has diminished. We have had high winds the past few days, and another cold front approaching, so offshore waves might be rough for a couple of days, but fishing the bay is a good option.
Mahi-mahi in Miami by Rafael Mayans (12/04/2018)
[Miami,FL] What a great week and it turned out to be for Paul Lynn his friends coming down from North Carolina to go deep-sea fishing aboard the Sea Cross, It took me just under 12 hours he told me but it wasn’t long before we had our first bite it was literally 20 minutes after we got outside the first reef, Kingfish I told Paul that played a rod started ripping line after a while Shelton had the leader in his hand and he flipped over the king fish into the box ......
Little Guy gets his Dorado by Mike Laubscher (12/03/2018)
[Durban,KZN] Of all the things we were not expecting in that cold green water was a Marlin hook up
Fishing report 12-1-18 by Mike Gerry (12/01/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Tough week the elements making being out there tough on the body!
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - November wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (11/30/2018)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - November wrap-up...............................
Salt Water Fishing Fort Lauderdale Shark by Tom Zsak (11/30/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Fort Lauderdale Fl.333165 Happy Day Today Bahi Mar Sport Deep Sea Fishing Charters
Nov 2018 New Smyrna Daytona Mosquito Lagoon by Michael Savedow (11/28/2018)
[Daytona Beach,FL] Winter has arrived for backcountry catching at Mosquito Lagoon and New Smyrna Beach, winter species like Sheepshead, Bluefish and Black Drum are showing up in catches.
Tough Fishing in Cold Water by Mike Laubscher (11/27/2018)
[Durban,KZN] We found lots of bird life and even small bait fish jumping but no fish. I was really disappointed as the water looked so good
Off Shore Fishing Fort Lauderdale by Tom Zsak (11/25/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] www, Fort Lauderdale Happy Day Today Charter Deep Sea fishing
Number 30 by Mike Laubscher (11/25/2018)
[Durban,KZN] Both fish were released and less than 1 hour from launch we were back on the dock and trip completed along with a completed list of things to do.
Fishing report 11-24-18 by Mike Gerry (11/24/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Stability added a pick up to fishing this past week.
Big Sea, Xtreme Fishing by Mike Laubscher (11/20/2018)
[Durban,KZN] We had not even finished putting out our spread when the one Tyrnos with the Rapala Xtreme running went off and we got.....
Ballyhoo Showers In Shallow Bringing in the Fish! by David Ide (11/20/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The Turkey might be basting but the big is burning up!
Mahi-Mahi Wolfpack by Rafael Mayans (11/20/2018)
[Miami,FL] You don’t need to go out very far when you have the golf stream current literally 2 miles away from the dock in it wasn’t much longer after we took off that we had our first fish on a beautiful mahi-mahi....
Dorado fishing at Papagayo by Nelson Mendez (11/19/2018)
[Gulf of Papagayo,CP] Half day fishing charter in the Gulf of papagayo. Lot of dorado!!
Tuna on Ice by Mike Laubscher (11/19/2018)
[Durban,KZN] the wind so icy that my ears get extremely sore so it is still beanies on early mornings in November, going out the port the water temperature has been 18deg.C and deeper out a maximum of 20deg.C, the water is also green
Fishing report 11-18-18 by Mike Gerry (11/18/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Cold water cold weather tough conditions for most this past week.
Offshore Tuna Abundant! by Tom Zsak (11/17/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Offshore Tuna Abundant!
Cold Green Xtreme Dorado by Mike Laubscher (11/17/2018)
[Durban,KZN] to my dismay as I left port I saw the water temperature was 18deg C and it was green, I was hoping that deeper out maybe we could find warmer blue water but this did not happen. I was not optimistic.
Mahi mahi Time!! by Nelson Mendez (11/15/2018)
[Gulf of Papagayo,CP] Fishing have been awesome at the Gulf of papagayo. Lot of mahi mahi!!
It's Kite Fishing Time of the Year by Tom Zsak (11/12/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The first thing we did was grab a few Goggle Eyes live baits from the marina - they are excellent kite fishing baits.
Fishing report 11-10-18 by Mike Gerry (11/10/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fall is in full swing and the bass are in their shallow patterns
Ballyhoo and Tuna Galore! by Tom Zsak (11/08/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Ballyhoo and Tuna Galore!
Fishing report 11-3-18 by Mike Gerry (11/03/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Some good news for this past week, weather was tough but !
Sailfish, Kingfish, Dolphin, and More off Miami by Nicholas Gonzalez (11/01/2018)
[Miami,FL] Sailfish, kingfish, dolphin, and more offshore of Miami. Fall fishing is in full swing with plenty of bait moving into the area.
Fall fishing is in full swing at Lake Texoma and the fishing is great! by Steve Barnes (11/01/2018)
[Lake Texoma,TX] The main lake is pretty stained but the creek arms are clear. The striper don’t seem to mind a little stain but it’s best to look for them in the cleaner water. Watch for the birds. The last few weeks the fish under the working birds have been pretty small but as it gets colder bigger fish will show up in the schools under the birds.
Spooky Specks at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (11/01/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Yesterday I had Jim Walther and his two guests Clint and Clint on the Blazer Bay. The wind was howling when I picked them up at Jim’s camp and the tide was still rising though it should have been falling. We found some birds working in a pass between two lagoons and the guys went to work.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - October wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (10/31/2018)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - October wrap-up.................................................
Fort Lauderdale Fall Fishing Report by Tom Zsak (10/29/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Fort Lauderdale Fall Fishing Report
Family Harbour Trip by Mike Laubscher (10/28/2018)
[Durban,KZN] a delighted young man who had his first ever fishing trip on a boat. During the 3hrs we managed to hook up
Tuna Grand Slam on Nawty Girl by Mike Laubscher (10/28/2018)
[Durban,KZN] after a good fight what we thought was a Yellowfin Tuna turned out to be a
Friday Fall Fishing at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/26/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Friday fall fishing at Shell Beach. Today I helped Capt. Mark running 4 guys from Texas for him today. It was chilly, the NW wind howling and the tide was falling super hard. The guys said they wanted reds and reds they got.
Windy Wednesday at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/26/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Windy Wednesday at Shell Beach. I picked up the Jim Walther and his quests David and Larry at Jim’s camp and off we went to find some trout though expectations were not high. The wind was blowing ridiculously hard out the ENE. We found some birds diving in a bayou and the guys put some trout in boat weeding through a lot of through back.
Saturday at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/24/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Last Saturday at Shell Beach I had the Jamey Sandefur, his dad Doc, along with Grace, Brook, and Jim. It was a super foggy boat ride to our first stop where we got on a decent trout bite till some idiot in a tower boat came flying through right over our fish.
Fall Fishing the Mosquito Lagoon by Michael Savedow (10/23/2018)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Fall fishing is here on the Indian River Mosquito Lagoon area, more breezes off the ocean, cooler water and air temps, catching Black Drum, Seatrout, Redfish, Snapper and more in the backcountry waters.
Fall Fishing San Diego Yellowfin Tuna & Skip Jacks by Chris Coletta (10/23/2018)
[San Diego,CA] The fall fishing season has been absolutely gorgeous with plenty of rod bending action. Now is the time take advantage of great fishing and better weather.
Sailfishing Miami Beach by Rafael Mayans (10/23/2018)
[Miami,FL] At the end of summer the waters start to cool up a tad bit and we start getting a huge amount of baitfish migrating down the coast, That sparked up an awesome bite just offshore....
Fishing report 10-20-18 by Mike Gerry (10/20/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing is looking up although you must be aware of the baits your using!
Another Great Day in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/19/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Another great day at Shell Beach. Today I helped Capt. Mark with a two boat trip. My three guys hopped on the boat and off we went. Our first stop was in a pond near Four Horse and it was nonstop action. There were some trout out to the middle and cast anywhere near the shore and it was and it was an instant red.
BHCFA Waiting For Bass by Jim Hutchinson Sr. (10/18/2018)
[Beach Haven,NJ] The water temperatures in the ocean are starting to drop, and that means the striped bass are on their way. In addition, there is some good mahi fishing halfway to the canyons.
Tiger Fishing, Bass Fishing and Camping Safari by Mike Laubscher (10/17/2018)
[Pongolapoort Dam,KZN] The rain was gone, we saw a beautiful little owl n the tree above our campsite. The overcast conditions made for perfect tiger fishing and we landed and released 26 Tiger fish for the day
Bass Fishing, Tiger Fishing and Camping Safari by Mike Laubscher (10/17/2018)
[Inanda Dam,KZN] Awesome weather was presented to us and our morning session went well with 6 largemouth bass landed and released, most of them around keeper size (30cm), nothing took on top water and so we had to fish deeper to get some fish. The afternoon went slower and we went even deeper and we got 4 more bass, Janick was going really slow and this paid off
Finally Some Cool Weather Trout by Rory Rorison (10/14/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Finally some cool weather Trout at Shell Beach. Friday I had the Renshaw group of 3 from Atlanta. The cool boat ride sure was nice for a change, but it warmed up quickly making for a pretty day. Our first stop was where we found some birds diving where the tide was falling out a pass connecting two lagoons near Lake Robin. We had to weed through some throwbacks, but the keepers were really nice.
Late Report for Last Saturday from Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/14/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Late report from last Saturday at Shell Beach. I had the pleasure of taking Bert and Molly into the marsh to look for some reds. It was breezy and overcast with the tide rising fast. We made one stop and it was nonstop action. The reds were silly and we limited out in short order.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Good Riddance to Red Tide! by Dave Hanson (10/14/2018)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Finally, the red tide seems to have left our area, and fishing is starting to revive.
Fishing report 10-13-18 by Mike Gerry (10/13/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The fall is finally here the bass are doing it ,yes its on!
Close Call!! Time to get back to Fishing. by Kyle Messier (10/11/2018)
[Homosassa,FL] The Nature Coast dodged a major bullet with Hurricane Michael. Now that Michael has passed its time to get back to all of the great fishing.
Lake Texoma fishing has been very good this year, limits on every trip! by Steve Barnes (10/11/2018)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Capt Steve Lake Texoma fishing has been very good this year, limits on every trip! But believe it or not it’s about to get better. Fall is here and with lows dipping down into the 50’s at night the water temp is dropping and the fish are getting more active.
Piercy Priest Bass & Hybrid bite heating up with cooler temps by Rus Snyders (10/10/2018)
[Percy Priest Lake,TN] With the lake level starting to recede for its annual fall draw down, and cooler temps in the forecast, the bite should bust wide open here any day!
The Best Mahi Fishing in October Ever! by Steve Souther (10/09/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The offshore action is not waiting around for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. Here at Fantastic Sportfishing, we continue to enjoy stellar Fall fishing action in the beautiful waters of South Florida. We’re fishing every single day and we’re pulling up to the dock with stuffed fish boxes and sore arms.
Sailfish Fishing in Fort Lauderdale by Tom Zsak (10/08/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The sailfish season is almost here!
Puerto Vallarta fishing October by Pete Vines (10/06/2018)
[Puerto Vallarta,MM] Puerto Vallarta fishing is heating up along with some great tournament
Fishing report 10/6/18 by Mike Gerry (10/06/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Some changes are coming the question is when will it happen?
Off Shore Fishing Fort Lauderdale Sailfish by Tom Zsak (10/03/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Fort Lauderdale Fl. 33316 Happy Day Today Charter Deep Sea Sport Fishing Bahia Mar A Dock
Big Bull Dorado to open the season. by Mike Laubscher (10/01/2018)
[Durban,KZN] It was just a matter of time before we got the big one and what a fight it gave
Hernando Beach Fishing Report by Josh Fritz (10/01/2018)
[Hernando County,FL] Fall is here and the fish are on a feeding frenzy. As our nights get cooler the water temperature will slowly be dropping making for some of the best fishing we have to offer all year. Inshore the red fish are schooling up a good numbers 10 - 30 fish in a pod. Live green backs or pin fish are the bait of choice. Fish a moving tide for best action. Snook are also chewing good you will find these silver bullets around mangroves and points
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - September wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (9/29/2018)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - September wrap-up........................
Off Shore Fishing Fort Lauderdale Two Sailfish by Tom Zsak (9/29/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Fifteen to twenty minutes after leaving the dock, lines were in 120 ft. of water at the sea buoy in Fort Lauderdale, 1.8 miles from shore.   We started the trip trolling with 4 surface lines and two deep planner lines.
Fishing report 9-29-18 by Mike Gerry (9/29/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The week changed drastically with lots of rain and wind!
The Big Yellowfin Tuna Are Here! by Chandler Cataldie (9/27/2018)
[Venice,LA] Now is the time to get fish in the 200 pound range. We are rigged and ready.
Wahoo on the Full Moon Are Snapping! by David Ide (9/26/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The wahoo fishing has been incredible. In one day we had our limit on them which is very rare around here.
Kingfish and Tunas have been feeding by Tom Zsak (9/26/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Double hookups have bene common on the bonita and kings.
Fishing Report, Ucluelet, BC September 25th, 2018 by Sam Vandervalk (9/25/2018)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Our September fishing was better than expected for Chinook, Coho and Halibut. The fall returning Chinook (Kings) were close to the shore and most days saw fast action.
Friday Fun at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (9/25/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Friday fun at Shell Beach. I picked up John, his wife Nicole and their son Q from their camp. It was Q’s birthday fishing trip and he was ready to hit the water. It was just a little to breezy to run out to the Sound so we stayed closer in.
Marlin Food is Here by Mike Laubscher (9/23/2018)
[Durban,KZN] These Oceanic Bonito are Marlin food, and along with some flying fish that we saw, I am sure we will start getting Marlin early this season.
Bonito are getting bigger. by Mike Laubscher (9/22/2018)
[Durban,KZN] A strong west wind blew for about an hour during our trip and made for a very choppy sea and then all calmed down and the rain set in making us soaking wet
Fishing report 9-22-18 by Mike Gerry (9/22/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Frog time is near fishing is getting active and fall is coming!
Puerto Vallarta fishing report Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin by Daniel Cruz (9/20/2018)
[Puerto Vallarta,MM] It has definitely been a hot summer here in Puerto Vallarta The water is warm and we are seeing all of our summer favorites Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, and Blue and Black Marlin.