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Trout Fishing Reports
    Windy Reds in Shell Beach by (2019-06-11 18:48:07)
    [Shell Beach] Windy reds in Shell Beach. Today was day one for the Mike Drake group. With the wind blowing 20 out the NE trout were out of the question, so we headed into the marsh to chase redfish. It was never a fast crazy bite, but steady enough to keep us around and the guys filled the box with limits of reds.
    Last Saturday in Shell Beach by (2019-06-07 15:12:46)
    [Shell Beach] Last Saturday in Shell Beach was not an easy one. Jamey Sandefur and family were all set to chase trout out in the Sound. I whacked them pretty good the day before, so we pounded it out to the same area. We moved around quite a bit and never got a bite besides ladyfish. We bounced around a few other spots while talking other striking out too.
    Speck Slam in Shell Beach by (2019-06-03 20:35:01)
    [Shell Beach] Speck slam in Shell Beach. Friday I had the Jim Walther group onboard. They only wanted trout, and fr a change the wind was not howling, so it was deep into the Sound we went. We had a slow bite going at our first stop, but these were really nice sized trout. After that fizzled out we move a couple miles away, and the Trout went nuts.
    May 2019 New Smyrna Daytona Beach Mosquito Lagoon by (2019-05-25 08:12:21)
    [Daytona Beach] Summer has arrived on the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon, lots more bait fish, summer species joining our year round fish, catching seatrout, black drum, jack crevalle and many other species.
    Switching Gears in Shell Beach by (2019-05-25 06:38:13)
    [Shell Beach] Switching gears in Shell Beach. Yesterday I had the Blaise Ernts group all set for a Trout haul out deep into the Sound. As usual the weatherman lied. The forecast 5-10 was a steady 15+. After pounding it out and bouncing around with only a few trout to show for it was time to make the switch.
    Plan B in Shell Beach by (2019-05-22 14:17:17)
    [Shell Beach] Plan B in Shell Beach. Yesterday I had Reggie and Pat Hayes on the Blazer Bay. We left Campo’s with intentions of chasing Trout in the Sound. As we headed out the winds were picking up so we had to stop short on the edge. The guys managed to put some trout on ice, but it was tough in the dirty water.
    Saturday in Shell Beach by (2019-05-22 10:52:24)
    [Shell Beach] Saturday in Shell Beach I took out Don, David, and Mark. They were in town from different parts of the country on business and wanted to get out on the water. Since the wind was blowing first thing in the morning we stayed in the marsh focusing on Redfish or whatever else bit. You name it, if it swims in the marsh, they caught it.
    Friday Grind in Shell Beach by (2019-05-18 19:20:02)
    [Shell Beach] Friday grind in Shell Beach. My guests for the day were Keith, Matt, and Jimmy. Things started out a little tough. First my bait well was not working, and after getting that going getting bait was an issue. Now with a delayed start, but with bait we ran straight out to the Sound in pretty conditions only to find boat all over everywhere I wanted to stop. After settling at a rig we caught plenty big Spanish Mackerel and Bull Reds.
    Fishing Tampa Bay Waters by (2019-05-16 14:56:31)
    [Tampa] FWC extends red tide fisheries conservation measures extended several fisheries management conservation measures for red drum, snook and spotted seatrout in areas of southwest Florida. Learn more at The closure extension for red drum, snook and spotted seatrout will go into effect May 11 thru 2020 and will apply from the Pasco-Hernando county line south (including all waters of Tampa Bay) through Gordon Pass in Collier County.
    Milwaukee Fishing! Gaps For Success by (2019-05-16 13:02:14)
    [Milwaukee] Early May fishing is good. Most of our charter trips are catching 8 to 10 fish. Mostly Browns with some Rainbows and Coho. Not much has changed since the last report. Plenty of cold weather and rain has slowed catch rates with fewer anglers on the water
    Nonstop Reds in Shell Beach by (2019-05-15 19:43:47)
    [Shell Beach] Nonstop reds in Shell Beach today. Today I had Forrest Fife, and his friend Joe on the Blazer Bay. It was nice and calm this morning as we pulled out of Campo’s. I had thoughts of big Sound trout dancing in my head, but my guys wanted to go chase reds in the marsh instead. Fine with me, because it is all about what my client wants to do.
    Cold, but the fish are Snapping! by (2019-05-11 09:31:59)
    [Lake Ontario] Great people, and great fishing is the name of the game. We may be cold, but we are having a blast!
    Had to Work for Them Wednesday at Shell Beach by (2019-05-09 20:11:37)
    [Shell Beach] Had to work for them Wednesday in Shell Beach. I helped Capt. Ed out with a group from Florida. The rat reds were thick with the keepers playing tough to get, but we fished on through it to fill the cleaning table.
    Milwaukee Fishing, Always Hot In Spring! by (2019-05-06 22:37:19)
    [Milwaukee] Early May fishing is very good. Most of our charter trips are catching 10 to 12 fish. Mostly Browns with some Rainbows and Coho. We fished sunny skies on Saturday with the wind out of the northeast at 5-10 mph. Sunday a southwest wind cooled down the water and the action moved higher in the water column.
    Speckled Monday at The Beach by (2019-05-01 20:05:33)
    [Shell Beach] Speckled Monday at The Beach. My guest for the day was Norman Tabor from Boston, Mass. It has been a good while since I have targeted trout, but today conditions were semi favorable so we gave them a shot first. Our first stop started off rather slow. We caught some nice trout, but just too slow of a bite.
    Fun Wednesday in Shell Beach by (2019-04-26 18:19:46)
    [Shell Beach] ​​Fun Wednesday in Shell Beach. Pat Comiskey and his son Brian were my guests on the Blazer Bay. They have fished with me plenty over the years and they are a lot of fun, keeping me laughing all day. It was a little windier than I expected so we went straight to plan Redfish.
    April 2019 New Smyrna Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry Daytona Orlando by (2019-04-16 08:02:41)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Spring in Mosquito Lagoon backcountry is alive with migratory species joining the local fish species which are here year round, making for a wide variety of the mixed bag, Redfish, Trout, Black Drum, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish and more.
    Crystal River Florida Fishing Report by (2019-04-14 14:52:53)
    [Homosassa] The Crystal River and Homosassa areas are starting to heat up with some of the best inshore and nearshore action found in Florida.
    March 2019 Daytona New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon by (2019-03-27 20:22:19)
    [Daytona Beach] Spring is arriving to the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon backcountry at New Smyrna Beach, water temperatures are rising and coastal migratory game fish and bait fish are returning from the south.
    Bachelor Party Redfish Beat Down by (2019-03-25 23:09:40)
    [Shell Beach] Bachelor party redfish beat down at Shell Beach. Last Friday I helped run part of a 3 boat trip for a group of guys from Texas in town for a bachelor party. Conditions were pretty nasty and there was rain on the way. We got lucky on the rain since it broke up passed around us, but we sure caught the wind.
    Shell Beach Redfish Slam by (2019-03-23 21:33:48)
    [Shell Beach] Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of fishing with David Deutsch and his sons. A strong cold front barreled through the night before leaving behind a lot of wind and cold temps that dropped all day. I told the guys to bundle up and like the experienced fishermen they were they dressed for the occasion. They have done a lot of fishing, just never down here in Louisiana.
    Crystal River Florida Fishing Action by (2019-03-17 15:21:13)
    [Homosassa] Move over winter our spring season is about to kick it into high gear. With warming weather comes plenty of angling opportunities.
    Girls Beat the Boys in Shell Beach by (2019-03-13 19:47:31)
    [Shell Beach] Girls beat the boys in Shell Beach. Saturday I ran a two boat trip with Capt. Gabe. We had a group of 10 and the boys hopped on my boat and the girls with Capt. Gabe. It started off pretty calm but the winds were going to be picking up so opted to stay in the marsh and it was a good thing we did as the winds picked up as the morning went on.
    March 2019 Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry New Smyrna Daytona Beach by (2019-03-10 17:48:55)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Water temperatures are on the rise now in late winter scattering the fish out of their winter holes, also our coastal migratory game fish and bait species are returning as they move back north along Florida's east coast.
    Shell Beach Meat Haul by (2019-03-09 19:46:29)
    [Shell Beach] Shell Beach meat haul. Yesterday I help Capt. Ed with a two boat trip for a group from Texas. With calm conditions we made the run out into the Sound. We hopped around a few wellheads and got on some good bites of big reds and lots of sheepshead.
    Sarasota Fishing Report March by (2019-03-08 11:48:33)
    [Sarasota] Clients fishing with me out of Boca Grande/Charlotte harbor caught seatrout up to 20 inches, snook, redfish, seatrout, pompano, jack crevalle and more
    Live Crystal River Fishing Report by (2019-02-03 15:53:42)
    [Homosassa] Crystal River, FL is starting to finally thaw out and the fishing is beginning to heat up.
    Jan 2019 New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by (2019-01-29 11:19:45)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Winter pattern is set in place with cold clear water, visibility down to 6 feet in the back waters, catching Seatrout, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Bluefish, Redfish and more in the Lagoon and Indian River backcountry.
    December 2018 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing by (2018-12-18 09:15:35)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Fishing conditions from New Smyrna Beach FL south through Mosquito Lagoon. Targeting redfish,Trout,and blackdrum.
    Dec 2018 New Smyrna Backcountry Mosquito Lagoon Daytona Bch by (2018-12-16 12:26:17)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Winter fishing is here with cold water temperatures, winter patterns with schooling fish in holes and channels, and sunshine bringing fish to the flats.
    Nov 2018 New Smyrna Daytona Mosquito Lagoon by (2018-11-28 09:05:58)
    [Daytona Beach] Winter has arrived for backcountry catching at Mosquito Lagoon and New Smyrna Beach, winter species like Sheepshead, Bluefish and Black Drum are showing up in catches.
    Spooky Specks at Shell Beach by (2018-11-01 06:01:07)
    [Shell Beach] Yesterday I had Jim Walther and his two guests Clint and Clint on the Blazer Bay. The wind was howling when I picked them up at Jim’s camp and the tide was still rising though it should have been falling. We found some birds working in a pass between two lagoons and the guys went to work.
    Friday Fall Fishing at Shell Beach by (2018-10-26 20:21:13)
    [Shell Beach] Friday fall fishing at Shell Beach. Today I helped Capt. Mark running 4 guys from Texas for him today. It was chilly, the NW wind howling and the tide was falling super hard. The guys said they wanted reds and reds they got.
    Windy Wednesday at Shell Beach by (2018-10-26 19:43:00)
    [Shell Beach] Windy Wednesday at Shell Beach. I picked up the Jim Walther and his quests David and Larry at Jim’s camp and off we went to find some trout though expectations were not high. The wind was blowing ridiculously hard out the ENE. We found some birds diving in a bayou and the guys put some trout in boat weeding through a lot of through back.
    Saturday at Shell Beach by (2018-10-24 18:19:59)
    [Shell Beach] Last Saturday at Shell Beach I had the Jamey Sandefur, his dad Doc, along with Grace, Brook, and Jim. It was a super foggy boat ride to our first stop where we got on a decent trout bite till some idiot in a tower boat came flying through right over our fish.
    Fall Fishing the Mosquito Lagoon by (2018-10-23 12:41:23)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Fall fishing is here on the Indian River Mosquito Lagoon area, more breezes off the ocean, cooler water and air temps, catching Black Drum, Seatrout, Redfish, Snapper and more in the backcountry waters.
    Another Great Day in Shell Beach by (2018-10-19 19:43:32)
    [Shell Beach] Another great day at Shell Beach. Today I helped Capt. Mark with a two boat trip. My three guys hopped on the boat and off we went. Our first stop was in a pond near Four Horse and it was nonstop action. There were some trout out to the middle and cast anywhere near the shore and it was and it was an instant red.
    Finally Some Cool Weather Trout by (2018-10-14 19:04:07)
    [Shell Beach] Finally some cool weather Trout at Shell Beach. Friday I had the Renshaw group of 3 from Atlanta. The cool boat ride sure was nice for a change, but it warmed up quickly making for a pretty day. Our first stop was where we found some birds diving where the tide was falling out a pass connecting two lagoons near Lake Robin. We had to weed through some throwbacks, but the keepers were really nice.
    Late Report for Last Saturday from Shell Beach by (2018-10-14 18:47:04)
    [Shell Beach] Late report from last Saturday at Shell Beach. I had the pleasure of taking Bert and Molly into the marsh to look for some reds. It was breezy and overcast with the tide rising fast. We made one stop and it was nonstop action. The reds were silly and we limited out in short order.
    Close Call!! Time to get back to Fishing. by (2018-10-11 15:38:20)
    [Homosassa] The Nature Coast dodged a major bullet with Hurricane Michael. Now that Michael has passed its time to get back to all of the great fishing.
    Hernando Beach Fishing Report by (2018-10-01 12:09:36)
    [Hernando County] Fall is here and the fish are on a feeding frenzy. As our nights get cooler the water temperature will slowly be dropping making for some of the best fishing we have to offer all year. Inshore the red fish are schooling up a good numbers 10 - 30 fish in a pod. Live green backs or pin fish are the bait of choice. Fish a moving tide for best action. Snook are also chewing good you will find these silver bullets around mangroves and points
    Friday Fun at Shell Beach by (2018-09-25 12:07:45)
    [Shell Beach] Friday fun at Shell Beach. I picked up John, his wife Nicole and their son Q from their camp. It was Q’s birthday fishing trip and he was ready to hit the water. It was just a little to breezy to run out to the Sound so we stayed closer in.
    Looking For To Fall Fishing in Daytona Beach by (2018-09-12 07:20:25)
    [Daytona Beach] It's been a great summer of catching, looking forward to a fun fall with cooler temperatures, breezes and catching fish.
    New Smyrna Beach/Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by (2018-08-14 18:59:43)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] The fishing has been good here on Mosquito Lagoon and in the New Smyrna Beach waters.
    Milwaukee Fishing, On The Bottom ! by (2018-08-09 07:07:35)
    [Milwaukee] Fish are in the colder water out over 80 feet. We fished north and south in 80 to 150 feet. We did not get out over 120 feet of water yesterday. Have a great fishing season. Let's go fishing!
    Aug 2018 New Smyrna Daytona Beach Mosquito Lagoon by (2018-08-08 11:10:09)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Summer 2018 continues a good fun catching season in Mosquito Lagoon backcountry, Redfish, Black Drum, Seatrout, and many other species coming to the boat. Fishing the back waters, ICW, and the flats.
    Palm Beach Jupiter salt and fresh water inshore report by (2018-08-05 19:26:32)
    [Palm Beach] august snook fishing, snook along the beaches, tarpon chewing in teh icw.
    Summer Fundays by (2018-07-30 12:34:50)
    [Sebastian] Tarpon and Redfish fun in Sebastian and lots of fun in Panama !
    Wind From the West Fish Bite the Best by (2018-07-20 17:43:36)
    [Shell Beach] Wind from the West fish bite the best. Not really, any kind of west wind is not favorable for our area, but if it is not too bad you can deal with it. Deal with it is what the Chad Mason group did today. After a slightly bumpy ride to the fishing grounds we stop at our first rig and caught a few nice trout, but they would never turn on.
    West Wind Trout at Shell Beach by (2018-07-19 15:27:18)
    [Shell Beach] Saturday I had the Reliable Disposal crew on the boat. We were greeted to a stiff NW wind that made for a rather sporty ride to our destination. Things started off a little slow, but after bouncing around a few wellheads we got on a couple good bites with Campo’s live shrimp 3’ under a cork.
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