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Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 05/03/2016

The Ideal Targets for Fishing Swim Baits

There is no doubt that a swim bait can be used for many different types of cover, techniques and patterns but there are some targets that I like to focus on when fishing a swim bait. Targets that I like are really different types of cover or bottom changes that make an area become a great place for fish to hold and ambush bait or position themselves to feed when there is current or wind; it's kind of like deer runs where we know deer will frequent every day.

Bass also have similar patterns that they use to feed on or move through and these become targets for me with swim baits. The first is bends in contours, granted that the lake in full of contour changes, but I find that bass like outer bends  sometimes and inside bends other times making a contour change and sharp bend a perfect target for swim baits. The key is the fact that the sharp contour turn generally has depth change on both sides of the sharp turn allowing bass to drop down below the bait and target them as they move over the top. When swimming a swim bait in this type of contour change gives you an ideal spot for a swim bait to attract a bite.

The next is road beds I find that there is nothing that holds bass better than a road bed; the old bottom is generally higher or is shallower water than the area off the road bed allowing bass to frequent the road bed like a car traveling along a high way.  Swim bait is always effective around road beds especially if you're running it perpendicular to the road bed directional movement. Crossing the road bed at a 90 with your swim bait allows the bass to see its movement, feel its vibration and causes the bait to bump the bottom as it enters the road or drops off the far side.

Point being that there are many targets you can challenge with a swim bait you just have to find the types of targets that have worked for you and find how bass position themselves and you will have an ideal swim bait target!

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