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[Venice, LA] We hooked a beast recently and got it in the boat. A true butterball weighing in a 215 pounds. Our clients did great reeling in this trophy of a fish. Read more

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Steelhead are like Trout Only Much Bigger! Oncorhynchus Mykiss in the Pacific NW
by Casey Weigel (01/07/2018)
Brief summary of seasons, techniques and locations to catch steelhead trout in the Pacific NW.
The Advantage of the cold weather
by Mike Gerry (01/07/2018)
Don\'t discard the cold until you understand the benefits of what good it brings.
Crank bait in winter
by Mike Gerry (01/01/2018)
It is easy to lose fish with a crank bait but there are some tips!
Different Bottom Structure
by Mike Gerry (12/24/2017)
The bottom of a lake can determine where you fish in all seasonal times!

Recently Submitted Fishing Reports

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1-6-18 by Mike Gerry (1/06/2018) - Cold was the name of the game and the weather kept most off the water.
Palm Beach Jupiter salt and fresh water inshore report by Craig Korczynski (1/05/2018) - Sheepshead on the seawalls, snook active mid day, peacock bass gathering in deep holes.
BRRRRRRRRRRR! by Mike Peppe (1/05/2018) - Been fishing a lot of fly people of late with very good success. Reds ,Trout and Snook every day as well as lots of Ladyfish ,Blues and Jacks. Skipping some Pomps and expect that to improve. This Morning it was 32 here and I am off till Sunday. See you on the water!
First Dorado for 2018 by Mike Laubscher (1/03/2018) - With a stiff SW wind and unsettled seas from the SW Buster the day before we made our way out for a short morning trip, we eventually found some nice clean warm water
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - December wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (12/31/2017) - Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - December wrap-up................................
Christmas Time Fishing in Bonita Beach, SWFL by Dave Hanson (12/30/2017) - Weather cooperated for this busy couple of weeks of holiday fishing. But the New Year is predicted to kick off with a weather front bringing high winds and seas. We'll hope that is short-lived!
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 12-30-17 by Mike Gerry (12/30/2017) - Winter time but if you keep moving you find the fish!
Wahoo Fishing Fort Lauderdale by Tom Zsak (12/30/2017) - Paul and Maria Joensson, along with their sons, Elton and Neo, from Sweden chartered the Top Shot Sportfishing charter boat team to do some deep sea charter boat sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 
Best of the West by Mike Laubscher (12/28/2017) - we made our way out deep and headed south, we found warm, clear purple water just under 26deg.C. Birds diving and hovering, flying fish, bait schools and lots of small tuna jumping everywhere; we were excited and were expecting something big
Lonely Dorado - Fishing Report – Durban – 26-12-2017 by Mike Laubscher (12/26/2017) - After yesterdays wind the water was all green again but it was warm with temperatures from 24.3deg.C to 24.8deg.C.
Fishing? No We Are Catching! by David Ide (12/24/2017) - Fort Lauderdale winter season is in full effect with mahi, sailfish, tuna and even white marlin!
Early Morning Tuna Bite by Mike Laubscher (12/24/2017) - Today was one of those great mornings, flat seas and warm water at almost 25deg.C and very clean with a slight current. We had a 5 hour Mini Deep Sea so it was not a trip out to the deep
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 12-23-17 by Mike Gerry (12/23/2017) - Its been good on Guntersville some winter time down time!
Palm Beach Jupiter fresh and saltwater inshore report by Craig Korczynski (12/23/2017) - Snook caught along docks and channel edges, redfish roaming the mangrove shorelines, peacock bass striking lure along shorelines.
Little Guy Loves Fishing by Mike Laubscher (12/18/2017) - he had so much fun on Nawty Girl and caught a.......