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[San Diego, CA] Now is the time to catch a wide variety of species her in San Diego. The temperatures are right and the fishing continues to improve as we get closer to the spring. Read more

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Winter Jig Adjustments
by Mike Gerry (02/09/2018)
Some adjustments you can make to your jigs to catch more fish in the winter
Late Winter Reading the Weather
by Mike Gerry (01/30/2018)
Sometimes you just have to look at the elements and adjust to them!
Some cold winter baits
by Mike Gerry (01/22/2018)
My choices in the cold and some reasons i like them, my fun winter baits.
Steelhead are like Trout Only Much Bigger! Oncorhynchus Mykiss in the Pacific NW
by Casey Weigel (01/07/2018)
Brief summary of seasons, techniques and locations to catch steelhead trout in the Pacific NW.

Recently Submitted Fishing Reports

Mixed Bag Each Day in San Diego by Chris Coletta (2/13/2018) - Now is the time to catch a wide variety of species her in San Diego. The temperatures are right and the fishing continues to improve as we get closer to the spring.
Sore Arms Again For Our Anglers by David Ide (2/12/2018) - The sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood is getting better by the day. We are still waiting for a huge influx of sailfish, but we are getting our fair share.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2-10-18 by Mike Gerry (2/10/2018) - Fishing has picked up big time on Guntersville, I had my best day of 2018!
Fort Lauderdale Fishing Sailfish / Kingfish Report by Tom Zsak (2/09/2018) - Today was a good day for kite fishing – we stopped at Andy’s Live Bait Boat, purchased a dozen live Goggle Eyes and headed out to deeper waters off of Fort Lauderdale. 
A Big Lady, the one that got away, the Tuna and a Shark. by Mike Laubscher (2/05/2018) - We had 3 long trips from Friday through to Sunday with various guests from the UK and Austria, our team consisted of Erik, Kurt and myself. On Friday we launched very early so we could be back well in time before the big South West wind came through and this worked out well
SW FL-Bonita beach: battling winds and tides, but catches good! by Dave Hanson (2/05/2018) - Winds have been howling much of the past couple of weeks, and low tides in the backwaters were exacerbated by the super-moon. But we have managed to catch plenty of fish most days.
February 2nd Report Fishing Report for the Bay! by Craig Fletcher (2/04/2018) - It may be cold outside but the fish are biting. There is plenty of areas in the bay right now having some hot action. Get out early and be home for the big game. Go Eagles!
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2-3-18 by Mike Gerry (2/03/2018) - Some good some better some cold and not so good but always fun!
Winter is here, time to find the Right days to fish by Jot Owens (2/02/2018) - A Rollercoaster of weather lately but we've had some warm very nice days mixed in. Pick the right days and you'll catch fish. Here is the target fish I like to pursue during February.
Cold Water Fishing in Tampa Bay by John Rivers (2/01/2018) - Cold Water Fishing and Low tides is what's been going on in Tampa Bay
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - January wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (1/31/2018) - Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - January wrap-up............................
Kite Fishing For Sailfish Is Heating Up! by David Ide (1/30/2018) - We are getting multiple shots daily at sailfish on all our trips. Now is your time to get on these wonderful fish in our area.
2018 Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry New Smyrna Daytona Beach Area by Michael Savedow (1/30/2018) - A chilly winter of 2018 has cold water temperatures sending backcountry and flats fish into a solid winter pattern this year after several mild past winters.
About the Turtle and the Yellowfin by Mike Laubscher (1/29/2018) - This weekend was very frustrating with the weather reports getting it totally wrong, On Saturday light NE winds were forecast and we launched early for a 5 hour trip,
Brrrr! Crystal River, FL fishing report. by Kyle Messier (1/28/2018) - Its cold but the fish do not seem to mind. Ready for it to get warm here in Florida.