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[Venice, LA] We hooked a beast recently and got it in the boat. A true butterball weighing in a 215 pounds. Our clients did great reeling in this trophy of a fish. Read more

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Winter Can be ideal Cranking Time
by Mike Gerry (12/09/2017)
Winter is a great time for a crank bait and you can be versatile!
Depth can be Everything in Winter
by Mike Gerry (12/03/2017)
Winter fish like depth but they can change everyday and you have got to locate them!
Keys To Bladed Jigs in winter
by Mike Gerry (11/28/2017)
Bladed jigs are great winter baits you just have to adjust a few things.
Winter Fishing is Almost Here
by Mike Gerry (11/28/2017)
The winter presents different challenges and you must change to be successful.

Recently Submitted Fishing Reports

Little Guy Loves Fishing by Mike Laubscher (12/18/2017) - he had so much fun on Nawty Girl and caught a.......
Tuna off the bottom - Offshore Fishing Report – Durban – 17-12-2017 by Mike Laubscher (12/17/2017) - Sea conditions were ideal for bottom fishing today with a 1-2knot S-N current and a very light SE wind, so light that one could hear a ship’s engines from 2 miles away.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Sharks, Grouper, Snapper, Reds, Sheepshead, Drum by Dave Hanson (12/16/2017) - Fishing has been excellent offshore for grouper and snapper, as well as a variety of sharks. Inshore, nice sheepshead and drum, along with an occasional redfish have been biting well.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 12-16-17 by Mike Gerry (12/16/2017) - Fishing is still good on Guntersville just be patient!
Palm Beach Jupiter salt and fresh water inshore report by Craig Korczynski (12/14/2017) - Snook season cloeses December 15, tarpon in the back bays, peacock bass striking lures along shorelines
Major Cold Front puts fish in winter mode - Tampa Bay Fishing Reports by John Rivers (12/14/2017) - Major Cold Front Hits Tampa Bay, Puts Fish In Winter Patterns.
Tarpon Fishing in Puerto Rico by Felix Cuadrado (12/12/2017) - Excellent morning fishing in Puerto Rico. We caught 9 out of 12 tarpon hooked.
Our Biggest Yellowfin Tuna Ever by Chandler Cataldie (12/12/2017) - We hooked a beast recently and got it in the boat. A true butterball weighing in a 215 pounds. Our clients did great reeling in this trophy of a fish.
Miles of ocean and one Hot Spot by Mike Laubscher (12/12/2017) - Inshore the water was cold and well under 23deg.C and so we headed out to deeper waters and eventually on the 200m Ballito side we found a warm patch of clear water with 24.5deg.C which was about 5km long in a sort of oval shape about 3km wide. So a rather strange patch of water that had a lot of activity and we got fish, at 08h00 we started up with a triple up .....
December 2017 Mosquito Lagoon Report by Patrick Rood (12/12/2017) - The winter time pattern is upon us here on Mosquito Lagoon and New Smyrna Beach FL.
A Stormy Dorado into the backing by Mike Laubscher (12/11/2017) - The water was not that clean and but over a wreck in about 80m of water I saw some good fish showing on the sounder, but they were not coming up even after several passes, so we moved away, I saw no evidence of game fish anywhere else so decided to persist on the 80m wreck and after the 2nd pass the reel started screaming and line was peeling off.
Great inshore Grouper Action! by Kyle Messier (12/10/2017) - Awesome fishing action in Crystal River, FL. Groper nearshore and Redfish and Sheepshead in the backcountry.
Dec 2017 New Smyrna Backcountry Daytona Mosquito Lagoon by Michael Savedow (12/10/2017) - Winter fishing arriving with chilly water patterns in December in the backcountry and Mosquito Lagoon at New Smyrna and the Indian River
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 12-9-17 by Mike Gerry (12/09/2017) - Winter is here you have to work for your bites for sure!
Late Reports From the Beach by Rory Rorison (12/09/2017) - Late reports from the Beach. Last Friday I had a fun trip with my old friend Gary. We made one stop in Lake Robin and limited out on trout along with a bunch of bass, a few sheepshead, and 1 red.