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Steelhead are like Trout Only Much Bigger! Oncorhynchus Mykiss in the Pacific NW by Casey Weigel (01/07/2018)
[Trout] Brief summary of seasons, techniques and locations to catch steelhead trout in the Pacific NW.
The Advantage of the cold weather by Mike Gerry (01/07/2018)
[Bass Fishing] Don\'t discard the cold until you understand the benefits of what good it brings.
Crank bait in winter by Mike Gerry (01/01/2018)
[Crankbaits] It is easy to lose fish with a crank bait but there are some tips!
Different Bottom Structure by Mike Gerry (12/24/2017)
[Bass Fishing] The bottom of a lake can determine where you fish in all seasonal times!
Regimented Big Bass Habits by Mike Gerry (12/21/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Big fish act like us old folks they do what they do on a daily basis!
Winter Can be ideal Cranking Time by Mike Gerry (12/09/2017)
[Crankbaits] Winter is a great time for a crank bait and you can be versatile!
Depth can be Everything in Winter by Mike Gerry (12/03/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Winter fish like depth but they can change everyday and you have got to locate them!
Keys To Bladed Jigs in winter by Mike Gerry (11/28/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Bladed jigs are great winter baits you just have to adjust a few things.
Winter Fishing is Almost Here by Mike Gerry (11/28/2017)
[Bass Fishing] The winter presents different challenges and you must change to be successful.
My Favorite Bait Time by Mike Gerry (11/12/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes you just have to make a few adjustments to your favorite lure.
Thanksgiving Fishing Psalm by Mike Gerry (11/06/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts and thanks and memories of my fishing career over the past years!
Fall Transition Keys by Mike Gerry (10/29/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Fall can be tough but doing the right thing can help you a bunch!
Fall Dock Fishing by Mike Gerry (10/21/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Some days the docks are all that timing is everything; try it!
The Shaky Head Craze by Mike Gerry (10/18/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Fishing a Shaky head has become the hot bait of choice, its for sure a fish catcher!
The Many Looks of Worm Fishing by Mike Gerry (10/07/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Worm fishing can really be different today, there are just many ways to work a worm.