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Color Matters by Mike Gerry (03/27/2017)
[Bass Fishing] I know a big question everyone deals with is what color to use?
Old Baits by Mike Gerry (03/20/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Many of yesterdays baits are hanging around for you to use them again.
The truth about bridge fishing by Mike Gerry (03/16/2017)
[Bass Fishing] There is a reason the crowds around the bridges are always there!
Fishing Slow by Mike Gerry (03/16/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Winter is all about adjusting and sometimes that means fishing slow.
High Percentage Fishing by Mike Gerry (02/19/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Spots are spots and its all about location, location and location!
How to Pattern Bass by Mike Gerry (02/13/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics, and winter may be the time to do so.
February by Mike Gerry (02/13/2017)
[Bass Fishing] With the warm early winter this might just change how we fish February this year!
Muddy Water Fishing by Mike Gerry (01/28/2017)
[Bass Fishing] In the spring time we always get a lot of rain causing the lakes to get muddy!
Rambling Around the Fishing Industry by Mike Gerry (01/22/2017)
[Bass Fishing] The obvious about the fishing industry does not seem positive to the active fisherman.
High percentage Winter Fishing by Mike Gerry (01/22/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Fish where the fish are; that is the best way to catch fish in the winter!
FLW Coming to Guntersville by Mike Gerry (01/16/2017)
[Bass Fishing] Once again the pros will test their skills and help us see what this year might bring.
Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Get Hire Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Services In Florida by Dustin Hillard (01/16/2017)
[Saltwater Fishing] You can have one best tour of Fishing in Tampa Bay Florida. Our all the services for the reliable matters are ready to provide you all the proper services with the good facilities.
Time to work on Your Boat by Mike Gerry (12/29/2016)
[Bass Fishing] When the cold sets in and the days seem endless, because you have little to do well!
The Technique behind the Rattle Bait by Mike Gerry (12/18/2016)
[Bass Fishing] Many think that a rattle bait is somewhat of a idiot bait, not so much!
Lunker Time by Mike Gerry (12/08/2016)
[Bass Fishing] The winter time is always time to hang that monster, you just have to be brave.