Fishing Reports by Captain Craig Korczynski

About The Author:

Company: Phlats Guide Services

Area Reporting: Palm Beach/Jupiter

Bio: Light tackle Inshore Fishing Guide for both Salt and Freshwater. I target species such as Snook, Trout, Jacks, Largemouth Bass, and Peacock bass. I use both live bait and artificial lures. Novice to experienced anglers welcomed

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Palm Beach jupiter inshore salt and freshwater report (4/14/2015)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook on the sea walls, tarpon in pods striking doa lures, peaoock bass on the fly.
Palm Beach / Jupiter salt and freshwater report (3/18/2015)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook striking doa lures, tarpon hanging around mangrove shorelines, peacock bass getting aggresive
Palm Beach / Jupiter salt and freshwater report (3/05/2015)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook strike top water plugs, peacock bass on the fly, tarpon in the backcountry
Palm Beach / Jupiter salt and freshwater (2/26/2015)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook along mangrove islands, tarpon in the backcountry, bass along grassy edges
palm beach / jupiter salt and freshwater report (2/19/2015)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook in back bays, tarpon along mangrove shorelines, peacock bass taking shiners
Palm beach / jupiter salt and freshwater inshore report (2/10/2015)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook strike doa shrimp, doa pearl cal entices tarpon, lake Okeechobee bass striking doa airheads
palm beach / jupiter salt and freshwater inshore report (2/03/2015)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook on the muddy bottom, largemouth striking doa lures on the surface, peacock bass take the fly
Palm beach / Jupiter inshore salt and freshwater report (1/27/2015)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook season opens February 1st, tarpon taking doa lures, peacock bass very active in palm beach
Palm beach jupiter inshore salt and freshwater report (1/19/2015)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook along mangroves, peacock bass strike the fly, largemouth bass ambushing bait schools.
Palm Beach Jupiter salt and fresh water inshore report (1/12/2015)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook on seawalls, tarpon striking doa jigs, peacock bass striking fly and plastics
Palm Beach Jupiter Inshore Fishing Report (12/11/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook in back bays, tarpon on outgoing tide, peacock bass on the sea walls
Palm Beach and Jupiter Salt and Freshwater report (10/29/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook on the docks, tarpon in the back bays, peacock bass taking flies and live baits
Palm Beach and Jupiter inshore fishing salt and fresh (10/15/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook near docks taking lures and live bait, tarpon taking live mullet, peacock bass on fly
Palm Beach and Jupiter snook and Peacock bass report (10/06/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook on busting baits, tarpon sight fishing, peacock bass fly fishing
Palm Beach Jupiter Fishing snook to peacock bass (9/19/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook along sea walls, tarpon in canals, peacock bass taking lure and live baits
Palm Beach and Jupiter salt to fresh water report (9/11/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] mullet pods hit by snook, top water plugs entice tarpon, peacock bass on fly
Snook Season Palm Beach / Jupiter opens September 1st (8/25/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook ambush baits, mullet run lots of action, tarpon taking live mullet
Palm Beach and Jupiter snook action superb (8/18/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook in inlets strike doa cal, tarpon in back water love live baits, sea trout in pot holes
Palm Beach and Jupiter Snook bite fantastic (8/04/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook striking doa jigs, tarpon taking live baits, peacock bass hammer doa shrimp
Snook and peacock bass palm beach fantastic (7/31/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook in Jupiter inlet striking doa cal jigs, tarpon take the leap, peacock bass bite is great and taking fly and doa lures
Palm Beach snook and bass bite heating up (4/28/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook on taking doa lures, largemouth bass lake okeechobee, peacock bass in palm beach canals.
Jupiter snook fishing banaza (4/21/2014)
[Jupiter,FL] Snook on docks, tarpon in bays, grass flats producing
spring bite palm beach is on (4/07/2014)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] snook taking jigs, peacock bass on beds, tarpon on the roll
salt to fresh palm beach the bite is on (3/31/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook on the sewalls, bass on grass shorelines, peacock bass strike lures
Snook are marching (3/23/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook on the sea walls, jacks busting top water, tarpon in pods
Jupiter snook bonanza (3/03/2014)
[Jupiter,FL] snook blsat top water plugs, trout on the grass flats, big jacks
Intercoastal snook and tarpon feeding (2/09/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook taking top water plugs, tarpon hanging in the deep channels, sight fishing snook in the shallows
Warm weather great fishing in Jupiter and Palm Beach (2/03/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook on the seas walls, tarpon in the back bays, sheepshead on the pilings.
Cool weather has not slowed the bite tarpon snook get the rods bent (1/26/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook lake worth lagoon, jupiter tarpon, lake o bass are chewing
Catching snook, tarpon and bass in the freezing cold (1/19/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook feed as sun warms the flats, tarpon taking live bait in the back bays and canals. Bass on taking flukes on the surface
Jupiter Palm beach inshore fishing (1/12/2014)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook invade back bays, tarpon attack live baits in the loxahatchee river, sea trout palm beach
August snook fishing inshore fishing fire (8/01/2013)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook in the inlets, tarpon on the beaches, gator trout on the prowl.
Snooking Good (3/27/2013)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook on the prowl, Tarpon taking drag, sheepshead on the pilings
Palm Beach ICW full of line siders (10/03/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook ambushing baitsin Palm Beach. Tarpon early action on live bait. Mullet schools chased by jacks.
Palm Beach Snook ambush Mullet (9/24/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook are all over the seawalls. Tarpon rolling in the back bays. Jacks taking top water plugs.
Palm Beach snook and trout stellar (8/05/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook in the inlets. Trout taking live baits.Tarpon schooled up in the channels.
Summer Snooking heating up in Jupiter (5/29/2012)
[Jupiter,FL] Snook bite is on. Tarpon biting during low light hours. Jacks on teh sea walls
Sight Fishing For Snook In The Palm Beaches (5/14/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook are on the flats. Tarpon are on the beaches. Gator trout taking jigs on the flats.
Inshore action Palm Beach full of life (5/07/2012)
[Jupiter,FL] Snook on fire along sea walls. tarpon gathering in back bays. Black drum searching the shallows.
Jupiter Tarpon leap for joy (4/16/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook ambushing mulllet. Jacks schooling up. Sheepshead on the pilings.
Jupiter snook feeding on bait pods (4/09/2012)
[Jupiter,FL] Snook busting bait. Jacks take top water plugs. Tarpon on the surface
Snook spring into action (4/01/2012)
[Jupiter,FL] snook sight fishing. Jacks on the sea walls. trout on the grass flats
Snook spring fever in Palm Beach (3/19/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook active on the seawalls. Jacks on the prowl. Founder on muddy bottom.
Jupiter / Palm Beach Wind Tunnel Snookin (3/12/2012)
[Jupiter,FL] High winds prevail. Jacks attack top water plugs. snook lurking on the edges of channels.
Windy snookin (3/05/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] Snook lurking on the shallows. Jacks on th eprowl in Palm Beach. Drum on the line.
Jupiter Snook spring into action (2/27/2012)
[Jupiter,FL] Snook action along docks and seawalls great. Trout on edges of flats. Huge jacks crash lures on the surface.
Jupiter / Palm Beach seawall mania snook (2/20/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] Sight Fishing Snook. Trout on the grass flats. Monster jacks crashing baits.
Palm Beach rain or shine snook are biting (2/13/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] Spillway action red hot. Jacks busting on the surface. Trout on the edge of drop offs.
Snook season back open in Palm Beach (2/06/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] snook on the prowl. Gator Trout hammering jigs. Drum roaming the seawalls.
Trout and Snook bite stellar in Palm Beach (1/30/2012)
[Palm Beach,FL] Trout biting on jigs. Snook schooling up in deep holes. Jacks invade the grass flats.
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