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Tarpon caught in Quepos / Manuel Antonio Costa Rica area by Mark Janzen (1/31/2015)
What an amazing treat for the lucky anglers fishing January 27 2015 just south of Quepos, they were fishing for Snook near one of the river mouths just south of Quepos / Manuel Antonio when they got the shock of a lifetime.
Fantastic Dorado fishing by Mark Janzen (12/26/2014)
What a Dorado bite we have had here in Quepos / Manuel Antonio area for November and December 2014.
Costa Rica Bill Fishing Report by Randy Nordberg (10/14/2014)
Green Season Fishing Report This years Green Season has kept a steady flow of bill fish along the central pacific coast of Costa Rica. This October so far we have seen plenty Sail Fish and Marlin offshore and inshore the bite has been consistent with Rooster Fish and Red Snapper.
Wahoo!!! by Ronald Guschuk (5/15/2014)
After a slow startTerry V. & Dale S.of Alberta, Canada are rewarded for their patience with a 42lb. Wahoo!!
March 15, 2014 Lindsey & Lauren by Ronald Guschuk (3/16/2014)
Its good to be back home and leave the cold behind. Warm weather and fair seas are upon us again.
Veni, Vidi, Vici by Ronald Guschuk (3/06/2014)
Canadians at it again! Nothing beats to the winter blues like tarpon fishing in Costa Rica.
January 2014 Costa Rica Fishing Report by Mark Janzen (2/04/2014)
Fishing reports for the month of January were some of the best we have ever seen here in Quepos and Los Sueños
January 8, 2014 by Ronald Guschuk (1/12/2014)
The new year is off to a great start, although winter is definitely here!
Adios 2013 by Ronald Guschuk (12/28/2013)
Still being rewarded with excellent conditions and above average catches for this time of year.
GIRLS FISH TOO! – December 19, 2013 by Ronald Guschuk (12/20/2013)
Consistent bites, with multiple shots at 100lbs+ tarpon.
Costa Rica Fishing report for November by Mark Janzen (12/07/2013)
Fishing reports for the month of November here in Costa Rica have been nothing short of Spectacular. With some half a dozen Grand Slams to top off the month the Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado have been putting on a show for fishermen who were able to make it down to fish Costa Rica.
October Costa Rica Report by Mark Janzen (11/20/2013)
What a month we had here in Costa Rica in October
August 2013, what a month by Mark Janzen (9/05/2013)
August 2013 Fishing report from Costa Rica was full of Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna and Sailfish it was a crazy month of fishing here out of Costa Rica. We are talking not only great numbers of fish but also good size fish as well over a range of species in-shore and offshore.
Central Pacific Fishing by Randy Nordberg (9/04/2013)
Central pacific fishing destination Los Sueños Costa Rica has become quite popular. Los Sueños is a Fishing and Golf Resort. The season is approaching for the game fish, and we are already starting to see impressive amounts of bill fish this early on.
FISHING IN PARADISE by Fradian Mendez Garcia (4/23/2013)
Costa Rica fishing Seasons is getting better, you would have dinner and ceviche on the table!!