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First tunas of 2011 by Ryan Collins (5/31/2011)
Confirmed sightings and landings of the first Stellwagen Bank tuna of the year happened over Memorial Day Weekend.
Stellwagen Grand Slam by Scott Bradley (5/04/2010)
Great Spring fishing on Stellwagen Bank.
Tuna Fishing on Stellwagon by Don Cianciolo (10/28/2009)
Tuna Fishing on Stellwagon is showing no signs of slowing down, as a matter of fact it is really picking up.
STELLWAGEN BANK, MA-Cod & haddock 4/9/2009 by Mike Bartlett (4/19/2009)
Excellent Cod jigging in the shoalwater and haddock bait fishing on the eastern edge.
Don't wait until April 1 to go fishing for cod; it's open now! by Rich Antonino (2/16/2009)
Recent rulings have allowed charter fishing on Stellwagen Bank before April 1. That is to say, if you want to go fishing now, get out there! And when reports of fish to 71 pounds getting caught...get out there now.
Stellwagen Bank Cod and Haddock Fishing by Dave Waldrip (1/27/2009)
2009 Cod and haddock fishing is soon approaching. It is time to grease those reels, tie rigs and get the tackle ready. It should be a great season
2008 Year-end reports by Rich Antonino (11/26/2008)
Long recap of our season, from April to November.
Ice on the boat and Bluefin tuna on the deck!! by Rich Antonino (11/01/2008)
Great tuna blitz on Stellwagen Bank. We had fish around us all day.
Family fishing for tuna by Rich Antonino (10/28/2008)
We hit Stellwagen Bank at dawn and spent the day casting spinning rods at breaking tuna. It was amazing, catching two fish by 9:00!!!!
Variety of Fishing on Stellwagen Bank by Rich Antonino (8/06/2008)
We got it all lately up here! We fished for blues and stripers, cod and haddock---but we were surprised by a huge school of big pollack on Saturday. Great fun!
Blues at the Race by Rich Antonino (7/22/2008)
We hammered the blues, or got hammered by blues depending on your point of view.
Tuna and Stripers on the Black Rose by Rich Antonino (6/18/2008)
No tuna in the morning, but tons of Stripers in the afternoon!!! Fished on the Black Rose on Stellwagen Bank and Provincetown.
Excellent cod, haddock, huge cusk by James McFarland (6/16/2008)
great action on stellwagen and tillies for cod, haddock, pollock, wolfish. record cusk caught.
Great Cod and Haddock Fishing by Dave Waldrip (6/11/2008)
Cod and Haddock Fishing has been awesome aboard RELENTLESS
Deeper water is working for haddock! by Rich Antonino (6/04/2008)
Too much activity on top of the Bank, so we fished in the deeper water to the East with great success for cod, haddock, and wolf fish.
Great week of fishing on the bank by James McFarland (6/03/2008)
Good size cod with lots of bull haddock. huge wolfish are caught.
100+ whales and tons of cod by Rich Antonino (5/30/2008)
We hit the cod in 120' of water while watching an amazing whale show all day!!
Mixed Bag Fishing by James McFarland (5/28/2008)
Short vacation humpback porgy fishing with my brother, back to business for c0d and haddock on a charter.
Great cod fishing by Scott Bradley (5/24/2008)
5/15 Stellwagen Bank cod fishing on fire
Excellent cod and hadd0ck by James McFarland (5/22/2008)
cod haddock pollock plentifull in depthe of 2 to 30 fathoms.
Cod and haddock fishing by James McFarland (5/19/2008)
excellent cod,haddock and pollock fishing
Whales and Cod on Stellwagen Bank by Rich Antonino (5/18/2008)
Gotta love the whale show and non-stop cod fishing!!
Big Cod Show Up On The Bank by James McFarland (5/17/2008)
big cod show up on the bank. weather was good
Cod and haddock on the Big Mac 5/6 by James McFarland (5/06/2008)
cod and haddock fishing was good. calm weather made for a great day.
Cod and haddock 5/3 and 5/4 by James McFarland (5/04/2008)
cod fishing was excellent. very windy with winds up to 25 knots
Codfishing may2 by James McFarland (5/02/2008)
codfishing on the big mac. fishing was excellent.
Cod Blitz on Stellwagen Bank on the Black Rose by Rich Antonino (5/02/2008)
Great fishing, great company, and lots of fun (and fish!!)
Cod, Cod, Haddock, and more Cod by Richard Flannery (4/27/2008)
Cod Fishing is better this year than in past years. Stocks seem to be rebounding nicely. Come be part of the action.
Captains fish by James McFarland (4/22/2008)
saturday and sunday good fishing. easterly winds on sunday did not put a damper on the fishing
STELLWAGEN BANK, MA-Cod & haddock 4/19/2008 by Mike Bartlett (4/21/2008)
Stellwagen Bank cod fishing blitz in the shoal water.
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