Different Swim bait heads

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 11/09/2015

The Difference in Swim Bait Heads

There has probably been no bait in the last five years developed from a technology stand point more than a swim bait head; every manufacturer and every fisherman believes the one they fish with is the best! Well I'm here to tell you, it's not a secret that if you start looking to buy swim bait heads you will find that there are many choices out there and making the right one can be tough.

I believe the key is understanding your own fishing style, if you know what you believe in then you will more easily be lead to the type of swim bait head that will work the best for you. You also must be aware that a swim bait head is fished in many different types of situations or presentations; for example it can be fished through scattered grass, it can be fished in deep water, it is a great count down bait that will help you search different depths. Knowing the conditions you will be fishing in combined with your style of fishing allows you to pick what type of head you need to purchase.

The types of presentations for me is generally fishing it on the bottom, so that it pulls through the bottom grass, bounces off stumps or hard bottom and allows me to work it slowly around cover. To me this pushes my choice to a couple of styles of swim bait heads. The first being the swim jig style head like Tight-Line jigs version it is made with a grass guard that covers the end of the hook, allowing you to pop it through scattered grass and or stumpy bottoms with very little chance of it hanging up. My next choice is working deep structure like 20 plus feet depths where getting to the bottom is key! This presentation leads me to Picasso Lures heavy 1 to 2 oz. swim bait heads with big hooks that drops the swim bait down fairly quickly and becomes great search bait in deep water; combine this Picasso swim head with big 7 inch swim bait and you have a monster rig that will catch some big fish.

If you know the presentation you're going to be fishing and have a belief in how you want to fish it, a swim bait head combined with a Missile Bait Shock Wave swim bait can be a lethal fish catching rig.

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