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[San Diego, CA] The fall fishing season has been absolutely gorgeous with plenty of rod bending action. Now is the time take advantage of great fishing and better weather. Read more

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The Mullet Run The Florida Mullet Run
by Michael Grimm (11/12/2018)
One of the most epic migrations of fish in the world happens every fall right down Florida\'s coast and if you get to see it in person, the sights will astound you.
Transition from Fall to winter
by Mike Gerry (11/11/2018)
Changes are on the horizon and adjusting to them will be key to catching!
How to Catch Snook on the Beach in Florida
by Michael Grimm (10/24/2018)
Snook are some of the most exciting game fish to catch from the beach and in this article we show you exactly how.
Dehook Baits Don't Touch Your Baits - How To Dehook Live Bait
by Michael Grimm (10/23/2018)
It is important you don't touch your live baits when storing them in baitwells. Learn how to properly de-hook your baits when catching them with sabiki rigs.

Recently Submitted Fishing Reports

Mahi mahi Time!! by Nelson Mendez (11/15/2018) - Fishing have been awesome at the Gulf of papagayo. Lot of mahi mahi!!
It's Kite Fishing Time of the Year by Tom Zsak (11/12/2018) - The first thing we did was grab a few Goggle Eyes live baits from the marina - they are excellent kite fishing baits.
Fishing report 11-10-18 by Mike Gerry (11/10/2018) - Fall is in full swing and the bass are in their shallow patterns
Ballyhoo and Tuna Galore! by Tom Zsak (11/08/2018) - Ballyhoo and Tuna Galore!
Fishing report 11-3-18 by Mike Gerry (11/03/2018) - Some good news for this past week, weather was tough but !
Sailfish, Kingfish, Dolphin, and More off Miami by Nicholas Gonzalez (11/01/2018) - Sailfish, kingfish, dolphin, and more offshore of Miami. Fall fishing is in full swing with plenty of bait moving into the area.
Fall fishing is in full swing at Lake Texoma and the fishing is great! by Steve Barnes (11/01/2018) - The main lake is pretty stained but the creek arms are clear. The striper don’t seem to mind a little stain but it’s best to look for them in the cleaner water. Watch for the birds. The last few weeks the fish under the working birds have been pretty small but as it gets colder bigger fish will show up in the schools under the birds.
Spooky Specks at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (11/01/2018) - Yesterday I had Jim Walther and his two guests Clint and Clint on the Blazer Bay. The wind was howling when I picked them up at Jim’s camp and the tide was still rising though it should have been falling. We found some birds working in a pass between two lagoons and the guys went to work.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - October wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (10/31/2018) - Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - October wrap-up.................................................
Fort Lauderdale Fall Fishing Report by Tom Zsak (10/29/2018) - Fort Lauderdale Fall Fishing Report
Family Harbour Trip by Mike Laubscher (10/28/2018) - a delighted young man who had his first ever fishing trip on a boat. During the 3hrs we managed to hook up
Tuna Grand Slam on Nawty Girl by Mike Laubscher (10/28/2018) - after a good fight what we thought was a Yellowfin Tuna turned out to be a
Friday Fall Fishing at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/26/2018) - Friday fall fishing at Shell Beach. Today I helped Capt. Mark running 4 guys from Texas for him today. It was chilly, the NW wind howling and the tide was falling super hard. The guys said they wanted reds and reds they got.
Windy Wednesday at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/26/2018) - Windy Wednesday at Shell Beach. I picked up the Jim Walther and his quests David and Larry at Jim’s camp and off we went to find some trout though expectations were not high. The wind was blowing ridiculously hard out the ENE. We found some birds diving in a bayou and the guys put some trout in boat weeding through a lot of through back.
Saturday at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (10/24/2018) - Last Saturday at Shell Beach I had the Jamey Sandefur, his dad Doc, along with Grace, Brook, and Jim. It was a super foggy boat ride to our first stop where we got on a decent trout bite till some idiot in a tower boat came flying through right over our fish.