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Details, Details, Details by Mike Gerry (05/21/2018)
[Bass Fishing] The importance of your past information can lead you to the good times on the water!
The Asian Carp Are Coming by Mike Gerry (05/15/2018)
[Bass Fishing] The worst nightmare of North Alabama is on its way, as the Asian Carp are on their way!
Worm Fishing and Fall Rate by Mike Gerry (05/05/2018)
[Bass Fishing] Drop and fall rate can be the key to catching fish on a worm!
My favorite deep baits by Mike Gerry (05/04/2018)
[Bass Fishing] When its time to fish deep i have my favorites, here they are!
how to trigger crank bait bites by Mike Gerry (04/22/2018)
[Crankbaits] Some times you just have to do something your not use to doing!
the Right Depth by Mike Gerry (04/18/2018)
[Bass Fishing] Fish where the fish are and that is depth related, the right depth!
Frustrating Snags by Mike Gerry (04/13/2018)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes you just get snagged and it\'s part of fishing but you can help!
Whacky Rig Time by Mike Gerry (04/03/2018)
[Bass Fishing] The whacky rig is becoming one of the best presentations available to the weekend fisherman.
Crank Bait Cadence by Mike Gerry (04/03/2018)
[Crankbaits] knowing how to work a crank bait is key to catching fish, knowledge!
The Pattern of Patterns by Mike Gerry (03/21/2018)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes you just have to look for the basics of fishing patterns.
Key Pre-Spawn Locations by Mike Gerry (03/20/2018)
[Bass Fishing] Some areas just make sense so use your thoughts and you wiil find them!
Bass Influence of Weather during Pre-spawn by Mike Gerry (03/06/2018)
[Bass Fishing] Weather can really change quickly during the spring so knowing what to do is key!
Hard Rocky Bottom by Mike Gerry (03/06/2018)
[Bass Fishing] There are keys to winter fishing and one of them is finding the right kind of bottom structure!
The Magic of Lipless crank baits by Mike Gerry (03/06/2018)
[Crankbaits] Sometimes its just all about reaction and nothing does it better and lipless crank baits!
The Swim Jig by Mike Gerry (03/05/2018)
[Bass Fishing] The most versatile bait in many years and the presentations are endless!