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A Recent Observation by Mike Gerry (06/02/2012)
Some kind tips for what could be a bad day on the water at least it was for one!
If Your Fishing Season is Done by Mike Gerry (11/12/2011)
Some ways top keep your boat and equipment ready for the next season and fre of rusty tackle!
The Advancement in 4-Stroke Motors by Mike Gerry (01/23/2011)
The 2 stroke motor will soon become history. The new Yamaha 4 stroke is taking over.
Stern mount system Dig In Anchor System by Tim Fey (12/02/2010)
The Dig In Anchor System has been an awesome addition to my boat
Fishing The St. Johns River Jetties by Dave Sipler (03/14/2010)
It's flat calm, and I don't care. When at the Mayport Inlet always beware, be vigilant. Extreme tidal current, 10 ton granite boulders, Ships, Tugs, Pilot boats throwing immense wakes. I do not even anchor in some places, and my boat was build from scratch to fish that inlet!
Picking a charter captain by Tony Denslow (03/14/2010)
When calling a charter company talk directly to the captain/owner, the one who will be operating the boat on the day you want to book. Don\'t end up with a Captain Ahab who will spoil your day on the water.
Ethanol Gasoline Could Cause Damage by Woody Gore (01/05/2009)
The gasoline additive found in almost all gasoline purchased at local fuel facilities contain E-10 Ethanol. Recent problems identified by some boat owners have been linked back to this fuel type of fuel especially for older boats.
Second Hand Boats Can Mean Expensive Repairs by Woody Gore (01/05/2009)
Unlike the movie Second Hand Lions not all stories end on a positive note. Many time buyer looking for a good deal on a boat are unaware of severe structural damages until its too late.
Fuel Consumption Tips for Bass Boats by Mike Gerry (10/17/2008)
Some ways to save on fuel for the new bigger 2 stroke engines. The ridiculous price of fuel has driven many of us to reconsider our boats, motors and fishing distance that we all travel.
Dock with care... by Gil Coombes (03/20/2008)
Some marinas are not open to the 21st century and may have hidden rules or the dock manager may not be the controllign force. So before moving your boat, check into the marina thoroughly as it may end up being great location with worse headache.