Fishing should be Fun

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 03/09/2016

Fishing should be Fun

I have seen many days on the water where the tough days of fishing bring out frustration for many anglers. You're on the water for hours and getting a bite seems impossible or its more work than you anticipated; to me you just can't let your competitive drive take the fun out of your day. Don't make it work, fishing is relaxing and should put a smile on your face regardless of your results that day.

We all love to win, to be first and be recognized by our peers as good at what you do; I know that this drives many of us it's the competitive spirit the drive for success that forces your reaction to good and bad days on the water. The key to me is just taking that spirit and making it your friend; putting the work day behind you and soothing your mind and inner spirit should be enough to make fishing fun regardless of results. The thing is when we all do things we feel compelled to be the best and that driving force, if you let it, will take the fun out of a day on the water. We all have frustrations today's world is tough, making a living is certainly not easy and the pressures of everyday life never goes away; I believe we all fish to help relieve that pressure so don't let the bad days control your emotion.

Make fishing your way to overcome the tough days of just existing enjoy yourself and smile it will help you be at peace with yourself, come off the water at the end of a day and look back at it as fun it will help you survive the tough days we all put in. As a guide fishing everyday trying to make a living and making sure I can pay my bills can be enormous pressure; I don't let it, I just make fishing fun and thank God for the ability to do it and you should too!

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