FLW Coming to Guntersville

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 01/16/2017

FLW Tour Coming to Guntersville

With all eyes on the first weekend in February the 2nd and 3rd and with the return of the FLW returning to Lake Guntersville in North Alabama we have to wonder what type of results we will get from some of the best bass fisherman in the world. It's never been a guess in the past as the results from the pros have always lead us to believe we have one of the best bass fishing lakes in the country.

The last few years however local tournaments and fisherman like myself that are on the lake day after day have begun to wonder if there is a problem with the lake, have we lost the numbers of fish through enormous tournament pressure that the lake gets or are many of us that are struggling just set into patterns that aren't working anymore. We have seen over the years many changes in our lake, we have certainly had good years and bad and I believe we all expect that some change is always the case from year to year. This past two years however has frustrated some of the very best local fisherman like never before. It's tough what use to be a good day of catching 30 plus fish a day and more has been reduced drastically; bites are at a premium and catching is even tougher.

This past fall we saw some real positive increase in the number of small fish being caught giving me and others hope that we had a good spawn in 2016 and that the 2017 year will be closer to what we are use too. When the pros come with their great knowledge; their ability to adjust to change and the elements and to find different patterns will tell a tale. Maybe a tale we will all benefit from, learn from and hopefully adjust some of our fishing habits, techniques and learn from their results. I for one am looking forward to seeing if the FLW pros can change perception on what Lake Guntersville future might be. I am not necessarily talking about the top 10 weight; for me it will be about numbers of fish caught in the 3 to 5 pound range, because this is why people come to Guntersville to fish.

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