Frequently Asked Venice Tuna Fishing Charter Questions

Author: Captain Chandler Cataldie | Posted: 08/11/2017
Tuna fishing
Tuna fishing

Today, I'd like to answer some frequently asked questions by our customers to help better serve you before you make your decision to fish with us.  As a full-time guide and family owned business it is my priority to ensure you get the best sportfishing experience possible everytime you step on the boat.  So let's answer a few questions and give us a call to see what dates we have available for your next big game fishing excursion.

What is the price?

We are $1500 plus fuel and gratuity.  Although we have one of the best boats and gear in Venice, we are generally about $200 cheaper than our competition.

How Much Is Fuel Typically?

Budget for about $500 in fuel cost, however most times it is less.  Generally we run over 100 miles in efforts to put you on the best tuna fishing. Some days the fish are in close and some days they are far out. It depends on a lot of factors, however by fishing everyday we generally know where we need to go and we don't spend as much time search for the fish as the part-timers in the area. 

When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Book?

I always tell customers, whenever you are avaiable is the best time. However if you are asking me my favorite, it would be now through the end of the fall season as we get some of our biggest fish of the year pushing 200 pounds and greater.  The fishing here in Venice is all year long.  The fish are just bigger in the fall, however this summer has been amazing so far with a ton of big fish.


How Many People Can I Bring?

Our license allows you to bring up to 6 people, however we always recommend 4 people is the best fit.  If you have more than 6 people, we arrange our 2nd boat.  This is great for bachelor parties of up to 12 people.


Can I Ship My Catch Back home?

Absolutely!  You can have your fresh catch shipped directly home here at the marina of if you are driving you can do it at a Fedex for much cheaper.  As your captain, I filet and bag the fish as well as pack fresh ice.  All you need is a cooler to ship in.


Where is the lodging?

We put all our customers in the beautiful Cypress Cove marina which is where our boat is. When you wake up early in the morning you will be steps from the boat and ready to fish.  The rate lately has both about $115/night.


Do you catch other species?

Heck ya!  Although tuna is our number 1 target, we will not pass on a big mahi, wahoo, marlin or swordfish if that is in the game plan for you. Just let me know when you get on the boat if you want to target some of our amazing "by-catch" after we put some tuna in the boat.

I hope that helps.  Please give myself or Sonny a call today to check the calendar and see what we have available for you. 

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