Frustrating Snags

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 04/13/2018

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Frustrating Snags

As the fish move shallow for the spawn and we all start our run to the banks and hard cover it’s inevitable that your bait is going to get hung up at some point during your fishing day; its part of fishing don’t let it frustrate you. There are however some things you can do to reduce the number of snags you get!

One thing I tell my clients everyday this time of year it’s part of fishing; you’ll lose some baits get hung in the weirdest places and we will try to get it out; if not we’ll get you another bait. Out side of that you can do some things to help, the first thing is keep you rod tip high when your fishing plastics if your rod tip is pointed down your pulling the point of the hook into the wood. If you keep it pointed at the 11 o’clock range the point is up and, in most cases, slides over the wood. Most of the bites come when your bait is dropping so if the rod tip is up you will feel the bite or see the line twitch easier with the rod tip pointed up and save some of the hang-up frustration.

When fishing wood it is common for each of us to fish to fast, and many times the elements force you to move to quickly but if you can slow down by facing into the wind or dropping your power poles around the wooded locations it will help you eliminate hang-ups. Move your bait slowly, its not only helps with less hang-ups but it creates more bites around the wood. Speed kills around wood, you miss fish, miss bites and causes snags so be lethargic with your presentation, shake your bait, let hang around and it helps your catches and reduces your snags.

Lastly if you peg your weight when its Texas rigged it comes through the cover as one unit making the bait follow the pegged sinker. When you do this your pulls become one and your drops become one, stopping the weight from leading into and or behind areas that the bait can’t follow. Make your bait into a single unit it will get to where the fish are easier and cause less frustrating snags.

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