Getting Ready for the SPRO frog Tournament

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 08/12/2017

Getting Ready for the SPRO Frog Tournament

With the October 7, 2017 SPRO frog tournament date approaching, I know the most enthusiastic will be out preparing and looking for that frog bite; marking those productive spots and checking them weekly as it approaches. The great news is that we are already seeing a good frog bite and I believe we will have a great year froggin on Lake Guntersville.

As you prepare let me give you some early advice and ideas on where to start your search for those productive areas. As I have stated for many years not all grass mats are created equal and making good decisions so you don't waste time is imperative to locating those spots. The first and one of the most important keys is finding active grass areas; it's a visual thing if you see bait being busted around a grassy area you are in the right spot. When the bass are chasing bait you have active fish and that means a frog bite.

I also feel very strong about the visual look of the grass; I believe and have forever the nastier the grass the more cheesy it looks, the browner and dirtier it is the better the frog bite. When you pull up to a mat and the look says to you how could a bass live in that nasty stuff you have a great spot to find a big fish. The nastier the better, what people don't realize is the sun burns the grass and creates a chemical that gives off oxygen into that water, fish look for these areas with larger amounts of oxygen and move to them along with the bait.

Dynamics is also important to finding good areas, in other words how you approach and cut the mats with your frog has a lot to do with your ability to not waste time around a mat. Cut the mat with your frog, look for points, cut the corners, look for the shade and work triangles across the mat. Doing this will quickly hit the areas and angles around the grass mat and will allow you to quickly see if there is active fish under the mat. Holes in the grass are ideal ambush areas so as your cutting the mat use the holes to make your cuts and work your triangles around the mat. Quick work around the mat allows you to use your time wisely and eliminate non-productive areas.

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