How To Tie the Bimini Twist In Under 30 Seconds

Author: Captain Michael Grimm | Posted: 02/06/2019

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For over 25 years I have been spinning my hands in the air like a mad man on the way out to the fishing grounds.  Doing 20 wraps over and over has always been my start to rigging up a rod for offshore fishing whether a flat line, deep line or kite line.

The bimini twist is a 100% strength knot. I love it becuase it also offers the stretch of the mono while working into my commonly used knot: The Bristol Knot.

It's one of those knots you need to know how to do.  Just like you need to be able to tie a hook using your favorite knot, you should also know how to tie a double line as it will come in play one day for you.

To get started, I make a loop in the line about 2 feet long.  From that point I do 20 twist. No more, no less.

Be sure to leave a sufficient amount of tag end about 2 feet as well to finish up the knot.

Here is the part of the knot that is unique to me. I like to bring it up and over my knee.  While sometimes I use the rod handle or a clete, over my knew is the fastest and how I do it daily.

Once the loop is over my knee, I pull the wraps tight and and bring the tag end is a 90 degree angle allowing the tag end to work over the loops.

I finish the knot with a half hitch over one strand and then 4 wraps over both strands.

Trimming the tag with a small piece remaining in case there is ever any slippage during a long fight.

In the following video, I should you just how easy this knot is and find out if I was able to do it in under 30 seconds.

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