I Cast 2016

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 07/27/2016

I Cast 2016

If you're one who is referred too as fishing enthusiasts you are probably aware of the bonanza show case referred to as I-Cast. Well I am here to tell you 2016 show case did not disappoint; it was again a great success and if you don't think that the sport is growing and becoming a multi-billion dollar business then you're not paying attention. This is a serious spending of hard earned American dollars and I-Cast just gives us more reasons to spend.

This outdoor sport of fishing and all its related tag-a-long businesses employs over 6 million people "bigger than the gas and oil industry, the real estate industry combined." This year's bonanza featured over 590 exhibitors in a 650,000 square ft. building. Combined for thousands of visitors and introduced new products and lures to the fishing industry from deep sea fishing to shallow water river fishing nothing went unaccounted for.

As we all know with our lakes, rivers streams and oceans becoming so crowded and baits having a short life as fish learn to avoid them; new products, new looks, new sounds all give us that leg up when we are on the water. I can't tell you how many different products I have archived because the bass just see them so much it becomes impossible to get bit. New products give us hope that this new look or new color or new shape gives us an edge the next time we go fishing. I-Cast is the show case for these products and bait manufacturers of all types of fishing equipment spend months preparing to introduce what might be the next hot lure, or fishing rod or reel or related product that will turn your head and get us to purchase it.

New products, new names and sexy introductions of lures, like frogs, creature baits and more all came out at this years I-Cast bonanza; you only have to read a recent fishing blog to get a quick over view of the newest products from clothing to fishing rods and reels and lures and more. At this time next year we will all have purchased something that was exhibited at the show; so get ready there will be many success stories and some failures but one thing is for sure, we will hear about them and purchase many of the products before I-Cast 2017 hits the 650,000 square ft. show case.

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