Its Getting Near the End of Summer! Is Your Tackle Box Ready For Fall?

Author: Captain Reed Montgomery | Posted: 08/16/2011
There are a lot of plastic lures, do you know where yours are?
There are a lot of plastic lures, do you know where yours are?

During the fall season big, striped bass migrate up in some small creeks!
During the fall season big, striped bass migrate up in some small creeks!

The month of August is almost over. Fall is on the way! Yeah, its been very hot with some miserable, summer days near 100 degrees. September will inevitably show some hot days too, as it has in years past.

But when the month of October rolls around, will you be ready for the beginning of some great fall season bass action? No, not if you do not prepare and get your tackle organized now.

After all, its been very hot and like some anglers you must admit you have spent more time in front of the air conditioning than in the front of your boat!

So why not make the best of your fishing "down time" right now in the comfort of that room air conditioning and get your fishing tackle and boxes all ready for the upcoming fall season!

After all, in the southern region of the United States...thats only 6 weeks away!

Start with completly cleaning out your boat's storage, where all of those two dozen tackle boxes have been all summer long.

Place each and every box on a table and then go through every box, emptying them out, and then wiping the inside of each box until every box is clean. Then catagorize every lure and put each lure back in its rightful container.

Its amazing what you will the wrong box!

Lures that feature those dangling, treble hooks need to be replaced or sharpened. If you replace the lures treble hooks, its a good time to wipe off and clean those lures too! Check each of those lures hook-holding split rings as well.

Now lable each box. Use a permenant black marker and if you store these boxes facing up, then its good to write the contents of each flat box on the end, where you secure the flat box and then when you stack them up, they can easily seen.

Lures like spinnerbaits, buzz baits and jigs, are lures that are usually adornend with some type of skirt, that may need replacing.

* Tip - These skirts are held together with a rubber band that can break with age. To remedy this problem buy a  bag of very small wire ties, that come 100 to a pack for a few dollars. That lure's plastic or silicone skirt will eventually rot and fall off, long before that small plastic wire tie gives away! Secure it tight and cut off the tag end of the wire tie.

Clean up all lures, wiping off the grime on those jigging spoons, polishing spinnerbait baldes and buzz bait blades, making them shine! Thats what helps attract the bass to these types of lures!

Crank baits, rattling lipless lures and both floating and suspending jerk baits all come in various shapes, sizes and colors and some even have various actions, like a tight wiggle or a wide wobble to the lure.

Place these lures and other lures in all catagories within each box, to help you keep them organized.

Knowing what to throw this fall season is just like when fishing during the summer months. But knowing where each and every lure is, keeps you fishing, not fumbling through a bunch of tackle boxes, while your fishing partner is catchng all the bass!

Get organized now for a fun-filled fall season of catching bass! You will be glad you did...

Thanks and Good Fishin'

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