Jigging Spoon Craze

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 02/07/2016

Jigging Spoon Craze

In the last five or so years jigging spoon fishing has progressed into many tackle boxes, with it has brought many changes to fishing a jigging spoon. The progression has changed not only the way we fish the spoon but also the look of the jigging spoon. As I remember jigging spoons from the early onset they were small, not really flashy and certainly plain as could be and designed to drop over the edge of your boat.

Today when a fishermen pulls out a spoon he has many options to choose from, there are still the traditional small 2 inch or so spoon, but changes have made the spoon a big flashy 6 to 8 inch or more in size bait that are heavy and curved to really accentuate the flashy side to side movement. The weights are all over the map in size ranging from Ľoz. to as big as 3 oz. in weight allowing you to cast the bait a long way and make long accentuated pulls to get the bait to move and flash while it slowly drops to the bottom, as you work it back. The difference and variety of spoons allow you to choose a variety of action, some spoons are built to fall fast to the bottom while others are made to flutter rapidly and move slowly to the bottom. Hence the difference in short wide type spoons, making a big flashy side to side movement as it falls slowly to the bottom. While the shorter, narrow spoon drops quicker with less with less movement; a good beta point is to remember the wider the spoon the more action it will have.

The jigging spoon craze has progressed mainly because anglers have discovered that a spoon worked over fish can really fire up a school of fish and big fish; many of today's most successful anglers have won many tournaments by putting the jigging spoon to work for them. You don't really need to be the most experienced angler to get this bait to produce and it has made some novice fishermen look like seasoned pros out on the water. The jigging spoon can be addicting try it, you'll easily see it produce for you.

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