My Favorite Big Fish Baits

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 03/30/2016

My Favorite Big Baits for Big Fish

There has never been a doubt in my mind that if you want to catch big fish and your patience matches your desires you can eliminate lots of small bites by fishing with big baits; and as I have stated I have my favorites. The thing is there are more new big size baits being introduced on the market every year; so if you favorites lose their luster have no fear there are plenty of new looks to come.

My first and most fished big bait is a oz. big hook Tight-Line football jig; it is by far the bait I fish the most when I want that big bite. My reasoning though has some differences outside of the fact it is big bait; but when rigged with a Missile Bait D-Stroyer as a trailer it has a big profile and catches big fish. The other reason is the pure fact that the heavy football head gets to the bottom and in most cases can be dragged slowly regardless of the current or wind.

Next is Picasso Lures swim bait heads, you can purchase their swim bait heads up to 2 oz. in weight and purchase them rigged with #7 size hooks that can really offer some deep fishing ability along ledges and creeks that can be slowly worked in water as deep as 30 feet if needed. Rig this with 7 inch swim bait and you have a monster bass fishing bait that will stretch your line for sure with some monster fish.

My next favorite bait for that big bite is the SPRO Little John 70 DD crank bait; this bait will dive to 20 plus feet of water and when you over a school you can really pull some monsters out of the deep. SPRO being part of Gamakatsu has some of the sharpest hooks in the world on them; I've seen these crank baits hook 2 sometimes 3 big fish and bring them up from 20 ft. of water. Last year I had a 12 year old boy have a triple on one of these with the smallest fish being almost 5 lbs. You talk about exciting; big baits big fish and patience you can really put a hurting on some big bass.

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